“It is a great honor for Burundi and Burundian women”

Lydia Nsekera has recently been appointed to lead the International Olympic Committee Women and Sport Commission for a period of four years. It is the first time a Burundian woman holds that post.Lorraine Josiane ManishatseLydia Nsekera

What is your impression after being appointed in that position?

I am very glad to have been appointed President of that Single Commission in the International Olympic Committee. In its program up to 2020, there are many projects of increasing women participation in sports. This shows that they trusted me first as a woman and secondly as a Burundian woman.

How will you manage to collaborate with other International Olympic Committee members while you live in Bujumbura?

Each year, we organize meetings at the International Olympic Committee’s Headquarters and we often make other conferences through seminars and workshops. The International Olympic Committee also prefers using internet and holds meetings by teleconference because it is not easy to gather regularly all the Committee’s members.

What are your maim projects to push women to be more active in sports?

Last year, a new President of the International Olympic Committee was elected. He presented the program for the period up to 2020. In that program, in the Women and Sport Commission, there are two objectives to achieve: First, to increase the number of women in sports among referees, players, heads of federations and chairpersons of sport clubs. Secondly, to teach women how they can lead sport commissions. As far as I am concerned, I will work following that program.

What will Burundi benefit from your position?

I can’t promise that Burundi will earn money because I will not work only for Burundi. But any person who is member of the International Olympic Committee can request activities that can be done in his/her native country. Then, I will plead for some projects to be undertaken in Burundi. What is nice, we can be proud of that place occupied by a Burundian woman. This shows that Burundian women are in general considered in the World. It is a great honor for Burundi.
Lydia Nsekera is the Head of International Olympic Committee Women and Sport Commission for a period of four years. That commission was until then led by an American, Anita De Frantz. She is member of International Olympic Committee since 2009 and of the FIFA Executive Committee since 2013.
She is President of Women’s Football Commission and of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2014.
Since last year, she is a member of Olympic Games Coordination Commission of Tokyo 2020.