« Reducing deaths caused by road accidents is our main objective! »

This Sunday, 14th April 2014, a Slalom has been organized at Bujumbura to resume motor sport activities. An Interview with Anselme Bigirimana, the Chairman of Burundi Automobile Club (CAB).-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse

Anselme Bigirimana.©Iwacu

Anselme Bigirimana.©Iwacu

What does Slalom mean?

Slalom is a skilled and Timed Manoeuvrability Event of starting and braking on a closed track between 800 and 2000 m long as well as reducing speed after every 80/90 meters. There are some obstacles that must be avoided by jumping otherwise, they are punished.

How was that slalom organized?

Burundi Automobile Club has organized it with Tanganyika Motors Club a new motor club recently created. The competition has gathered 8 competitors from Burundi and there were Rwandan participants expected but they didn’t turn up.

What is the objective of that activity?

We have organized that activity to mark the resumption of motor sport activities at Bujumbura. We wanted to show our fans that Burundi Automobile Club still exists as from 1997 to 2013; there never took place any motor sport activity. The CAB was created in 1965. In 1996 and 1997, we were present respectively in Uganda and Rwanda during the African Championship. Our main objective is also to restart the activity so that we should participate again in African Championship. The main objective of motor sport is to teach people how to drive well while respecting the road code. We want to reduce deaths caused by road accidents.

What are the conditions of participating in African Championship?

It is very difficult to be recognized by Motor International Federation. We must have enough appropriate infrastructures, time-keeping professional equipment because Rally is quick in a very short time. We must also make a testing competition that will be supervised by a team from Motor International Federation.

When do you expect to participate in that African Championship?

We lack financial and material means. It requires much money, but we will perhaps participate in 2017 African Championship.
The CAB Chairman indicates that the Slalom held this Sunday is the second activity of motor sports on Burundi soil since 1997, after a Rally held at Ngozi in 2013. He mentions that the activity has been sponsored by:
Tempo Africel Toyota
KCB Bank Ladak
Duracoat Unitech
Interpetrol Kazoza
Spidernet Akacu
Kanoil UCHR
Robbialac ETS Roshanali
Burundi Brewery Télé 10 Burundi