Independent MP Fabien Banciryanino says to be “safe”

Following widespread rumors on social media that the independent MP Fabien Banciryanino, elected in Bubanza constituency would be insecurity, the latter says he is safe and adds that there is no threat against him. “I think the authors of the rumors don’t know how to denounce human rights violations and continue to live peacefully,” says MP Banciryanino.

Fabien Banciryanino: “There isn’t any threat against me”

Fabien Banciryanino: “There isn’t any threat against me”

During the interactive session which was held in the National Assembly on 11 September about the recent report of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi, Fabien Banciryanino, had said Burundi should not keep on rejecting reports before assessing the current situation and improving what would be going wrong.

On 17 September, Fabien Banciryanino submitted a list of thirty people illegally detained while they have been acquitted. Besides these illegally detained people, the Independent MP also issued a list of 19 people whom he referred to as victims of enforced disappearance.

Banciryanino says he plays his role as the representative of people. On 19 September, photos of killed cows were spread on social media. Those cows were reported to be belonging to the independent MP Fabien Banciryanino. He however denied the rumor saying he does not have any cow.