Increase in Primus beer price to affect other products, says ABUCO chairman

The price of Primus beer (72 Cl) has moved from BIF 1400 to 1500 per bottle from 1 February. The prices of other beverages of Brarudi (Burundi Brewery Company) remain unchanged. Daniel Henri, Financial Director at Brarudi says that despite the increase in the price of electricity observed since last year, the increase in the prices of raw materials on the international market as well as that of fuel in January, Brarudi company has decided not raise the price for other products.

The Price of Primus Beer 72 Cl has increased by BIF 100

The Price of Primus Beer 72 Cl has increased by BIF 100

He says this increase will allow Brarudi to upgrade its Primus 72 cl packaging stock and better serve its consumers.

Pierre Nduwayo, chairman of the Burundi Consumers’ Association-ABUCO says it was not the time to increase the price of beverages given the grinding poverty the population live in and this, while the government is urging the population to give contributions to the elections, he says.

Nduwayo also says there was a decrease in price of fuel products in the past years, but Brarudi never decreased the prices of its beverages. “Brarudi should also consider different measures taken to decrease the prices of some products before increasing the price of any product”, he says. Otherwise, he says, the prices of Brarudi beverages are a reference to either decreasing or increasing the price of other products.

ABUCO chairman urges Brarudi and other companies not to take advantage of the shortage of foreign currency to raise the price of their products. “Consumers should abstain from consuming the products of Brarudi and the latter would lose while hoping to gain more”, he says.