Growing political tensions in Mubimbi commune

Tensions are running high between members of the ruling party CNDD-FDD and those of the National Congress for Freedom [CNL] opposition party in Mubimbi commune. At least one person has been killed and 10 others wounded since 25 August.

Two days after the clashes which erupted in the night of August 25 between young people affiliated to the ruling party CNDD-FDD and the opposition party CNL in Burenza area in Mubimbi commune of Bujumbura province causing one death and eight wounded, two other people were also injured in the fighting that occurred in the night of August 27 night.

Sources on the spot say the wounded people are affiliated to CNL party. They believe that CNDD-FDD members might have taken revenge on CNL members since the person killed and seven among the wounded in the fighting of August 25 are affiliated to the CNDD-FDD party, while one of the wounded belongs to CNL party.

Térence, Manirambona spokesperson for CNL party believes that the clash of August 27 would be linked to the one of August 25.
“The situation is currently tense between CNL and CNDD-FDD party members in Burenza area,” he says.
He calls for peaceful coexistence between members of different political parties. “They are all Burundians. They should live in their country peacefully,” Manirambona says.

A resident of Burenza indicates that the fighting of August 25 was caused by CNL members who attacked CNDD-FDD youths when conducting overnight patrols.

Léopold Bigirimana, chief of Burenza area admits that he asked CNDD-FDD members also members of the joint security committees to conduct overnight patrols to combat night robberies.
For Térence, members of all political parties should participate in joint security committees without considering their political affiliation. “They are all Burundians. The defense of the country involves everyone without any exception,” he says.