Governors accuse CNL party of misconduct and violation of the law

In a meeting organized on this September 26th by the Ministry of Home Affairs with leaders of political parties and governors, the latter have accused members of CNL party of misconduct and violation of law. The National Congress for Freedom-CNL denies the accusations.

Pascal Barandagiye calls on political leaders to respect the law in their activities

While reporting the political situation in their provinces, some governors have said that political parties peacefully work in their provinces. However, many of them have said there is a problem with CNL party.

Laurent Nicimbeshe, Governor of Muramvya province says there are some misunderstandings between the administration and CNL party.

“When we give them the permission to inaugurate their offices, they also hold demonstrations and electoral campaigns,” he says adding that CNL violates the law as electoral campaigns have not yet been allowed.

“Some CNL members destroy offices of their party to show that the political situation is critical,” says Juvénal Bigirimana, Governor of Rumonge province in the south of the country.

He says the provincial administration has caught some CNL members who “might have had a plan to destroy the office of their party in Muhuta commune of the same province.”

Mr. Bigirimana accuses them of not joining the mixed security committees.
Gad Niyukuri, Governor of Makamba province says there are some militants of CNL party who teach civil disobedience.

He says there is a member of CNL party who was caught in Kayogoro commune of the same province teaching people to disrespect the local administration.

“Governors ignore that CNL members are victims of crimes in their provinces and accuse them of misconduct,” says Simon Bizimungu, Secretary General of CNL party. There is no conflict between CNL and the administration, he adds.

He says the party teaches its members to respect the law and the administration. “Accusing CNL party of destroying its offices is an insult,” he also says.

The Secretary General adds that whoever commits a mistake should be punished individually without considering their political party.
He calls on governors and some politicians to stop ‘false and unfounded accusations’ against CNL party.

Pascal Barandagiye, Burundi Minister of Home Affairs says a criminal should be punished as an individual.

He calls on leaders of political parties to respect the law and teach their members to live peacefully with others.

The meeting was organized to evaluate the political situation in Burundi after political leaders agreed on ‘ceasefire’ to stop political intolerance in the meeting of August 22nd.