Governors accuse CNL party of misconduct and violation of the law

09-27-2019 In a meeting organized on this September 26th by the Ministry of Home Affairs with leaders of political parties and governors, the latter have accused members of CNL party of misconduct and violation of law. The National Congress for Freedom-CNL denies the accusations. While reporting the political situation in (...)

Five political parties to work in coalition for 2020 election

09-16-2019 Jean De Dieu Mutabazi, RADEBU party chairman has said five different political parties intend to work together in the upcoming electoral process. For him, the members of the coalition are from different ideologies including those from President Melchior Ndadaye, the democratic hero, Remy Gahutu and Prince Louis Rwagasore, the (...)

Thirteen people arrested over land issue

02-15-2019 At least 30 persons have staged a sit in before the ombudsman’s office asking him to release their 13 relatives arrested over land issues. A member of the concerned family says their relatives were arrested because they refused to sign a document that gives the right of exploitation to (...)

Year to attract more investors, Justice Minister says

10-03-2018 The ministry of Justice has started its new 2018-2019 legal year this 2 October after magistrates have spent one month on holidays. Fighting corruption and accelerating pending files to be the major activities of the ministry. Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, Minister of Justice says the ministry expects to promote dialogue (...)

Women and youth to be included in memory management of painful past

03-23-2018 Women and youth are two categories of people that suffer the most during and after the conflict period. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR believes in their contribution to manage the painful past for a better future. Bishop Jean-Louis Nahimana, Chairman of CVR, says the commission’s activities are incomplete without (...)
EAC integration

Be good leaders and avoid conflicts

06-20-2014 3 young Burundians from three universities trained since March 2014 in Peace building and Good governance at Arusha, Tanzania have recently come back. The scholarship was given by the EAC in partnership with GIZ.-By Yves Didier Irakoze “The training was of a so paramount importance that we saw how (...)

Education: all roads lead to Rome

04-21-2014 Since 28 years now, the Professional Development and Training Center (CFPP) has been training unschooled youth. CFPP also welcomes the ones who are in conflict with the traditional schooling system. The center is one of the rare ways to access the work market without an academic degree.-Joanna Nganda “When (...)

Cutting trees at Rusizi National Park limits causes a conflict

08-27-2013 For expanding the RN4 road commonly called Bujumbura-Gatumba road, some trees along the road should be cut. But a conflict arises between Rusizi National Park authorities and Cyprien Nibitanga a so- called owner of an emphyteusis, about cutting trees’ management-by lorraine Josiane Manishatse As the RN4 road Bujumbura-Gatumba must (...)