Floods threaten Buterere inhabitants

04-11-2019 Some inhabitants of Buterere neighborhood especially in Kinyankonge area say they are threatened by floods. They say they live in fear every time it rains because Kinyankonge river flows into their households and fields. Zainabu Baricako, a mother of four children, says whenever she goes to do her business, (...)

Buterere: No access to dumping ground due to scattered waste around it

03-19-2019 Domestic waste risks overflowing into households in Mugarura quarter of Buterere zone in Ntahangwa urban commune in the north of Bujumbura capital. Trucks used to collect waste do not have access to the dumping ground. “The road to this place is now blocked”, says one of the employees of (...)

Buterere Technical School legal representative arrested over education ministry accusations

12-28-2018 The legal representative of Buterere Technical School was arrested this December 25, 2018. The ministry of education accuses him of disappearing with the students’ files. Edouard Juma, spokesman for the ministry of education says Buterere Technical School legal representative disappeared during the investigation into the cheating case that occurred (...)

Former students at Buterere technical paramedical school seek assistance

09-25-2018 Former students from Buterere technical paramedical school ask the ministries of education and health to assist them in relation to their case. Seven among them were arrested this Monday 24 after they had staged a sit-in in front of headmaster’s office. Those students ask the director of this school (...)

Uncontrolled constructions around Buterer wastewater management center to be destroyed?

09-11-2018 The Environment, Interior, Public Security and Public Works ministers conducted a joint visit this September 10, 2018 to see the construction around the Buterere wastewater treatment center. The population around fear the possible destruction of their houses. Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment says the government has set up (...)

Headmaster disguised as student during state exam sentenced to 5 years

08-15-2018 Benjamin Manirambona, a headmaster who was caught doing a national exam for his student has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. Mr Manirambona, Buterere Technical School headmaster, was arrested on Friday 10 August while he was taking a national exam in the place of a student. He was (...)

Tanganyika Lake: Dumping ground

06-26-2017 Household waste, wastewaters from factories, insecticides … everything ends up in Lake Tanganyika. An environmentalist denounces a kind of “Ingratitude”. At Ku mase side,in Ngagara area of Ntahangwa commune in the north of the Burundian capital Bujumbura, a channel transports foul and dark wastewaters to Lake Tanganyika. Some locals (...)

A sound of hope

03-18-2014 Shemeza Music in partnership with Jehovah Jireh Association (AJEJI) has given a live concert at Buterere on 8th March 2014. Celebrating the International Woman’s Day and sharing the Word of God with a message of hope was on the agenda.–By Yves Didier Irakoze “It’s not your sins that caused (...)