Fire erupts in Environment Ministry office and destroys records

At around 12 noon, fire has broken out in the environment ministry compound located in the centre of Bujumbura. The room where all the office equipment and records of the ministry are kept has caught fire.

The burnt compound of the Ministry of Environment

The burnt compound of the Ministry of Environment

“All Managing Directors’ offices had their equipment kept in the burnt room. Almost all the ministry’s records went up in smoke,” says Simon Sindayihebura, permanent secretary at the ministry of environment.

Sindayihebura congratulates the ministry’s staff that tried to take out some supplies. “The ministry’s personnel have tried to evacuate some office equipment but the fire was very fierce and even the storeroom was closed. It was not easy”, he says.

He says the civil protection police were alerted but couldn’t save many things in the room: “They succeeded to protect other offices but the storeroom was already ablaze.”

Sindayihebura says the civil protection police have initiated investigations to know the cause of the fire.

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