Burundian refugees from Lusenda camp prevented from holding demonstrations

Burundian refugees from Lusenda camp located at 60 km of South Uvira in eastern Democratic Republic of Cong are angry. They wanted to go on demonstration on Monday, but the police did not allow them. They call for food assistance. They have just spent two weeks without aid, said Emmanuel Ntirampeba, the representative of Burundian refugees from Lusenda camp.

Lusenda refugee camp

Lusenda refugee camp

They say they are leading a miserable life. They confined the camp administrator in his house on 29 January. They accused him of being responsible for the conditions in which they are. “He asked us to be patient but he did not solve our problems. He also asked the police to prevent us from organizing demonstration,” says Ntirampeba adding that refugees released the camp administrator after soldiers guarding the camp fired shots.

Ntirampeba also says they fear for their safety because of the confrontations opposing the Mayi Mayi Yakutumba rebel movement and the Congolese army-FARDC that are taking place at less than 30 km from Lusenda refugee camp. “We are scared because we sometimes hear gunshots around the camp. We want our security to be strengthened, “says Ntirampeba.

Lusenda camp is home to about 30,000 Burundian refugees. They went into exile following the 2015 political and security crisis.