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Federation defending child rights deplores killing of children

Isidore Nteturuye, National Coordinator of the Federation of Associations involved in defending child rights –FENADEB says three children were victims of mistreatment. On 8 August, a mother stabbed her one-week-old kid in Busoni commune of Kirundo province in the north of Burundi.

Isidore Nteturuye: “It is regrettable to hear that parents kill their children instead of protecting them”.

On 6 August, a man decapitated a four-year-old kid in Ngozi province because his father owed money to the perpetrator. Another victim of ill-treatment is a young girl aged 11 in the same province. Nteturuye says she was sexually abused.

This child rights defender says FENADEB is following those cases closely. “We are very shocked to hear these kinds of mistreatment towards children. We have been following these cases closely. Even some perpetrators are already detained,” he says.

Mr. Nteturuye calls on security forces, justice and administrative officials to conduct thorough investigations to find out the causes of such cases of mistreatment against children. “And everybody must be involved to prevent this from ever happening,” he says adding that people are losing their human values.

Isidore Nteturuye exhorts parents to protect their children at any cost. “It is regrettable to hear that parents kill their children instead of protecting them;” he concludes.

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