Human Right

Federation defending child rights deplores killing of children

08-09-2019 Isidore Nteturuye, National Coordinator of the Federation of Associations involved in defending child rights –FENADEB says three children were victims of mistreatment. On 8 August, a mother stabbed her one-week-old kid in Busoni commune of Kirundo province in the north of Burundi. On 6 August, a man decapitated a (...)

Kirundo: Over 22 thousand families receive WFP food assistance

03-07-2019 The World Food Program has brought food assistance made of 1000 tons to 130 thousand people from Busoni and Bugabira communes in Kirundo province this Tuesday 5 March. Twenty households received 10 fifty–kilo-bags of maize and 3 of beans as well as salt and oil. Beneficiaries from both communes (...)

Kirundo: Drought threatens population in Busoni commune

02-13-2019 People in some areas of Busoni commune in Kirundo province have been suffering famine since the last three months. The drought that has been observed from October 2018 is the cause. The victims call for help. The provincial administration mobilizes the population for the collection of food to assist (...)

Kirundo: Women invited to denounce violence

01-16-2019 Awakened by the authorities, women from Kirundo, often beaten or ill-treated, now know their rights. But the fight is not totally won. Chantal Rukundo, a mother of two, from Ntega commune met at AFEV, an association that assists the victims of GBV since 2013 in Kirundo province, says her (...)

UNHCR gives equipment to Burundi migration office

11-02-2018 The equipment worth over BIF 186million has been donated to the migration police by the UNHCR to help the latter properly register refugees this Friday 02 October 2018. Gogo Hukportie, UNHCR representative in Burundi, says this equipment is given to facilitate the monitoring of border areas in order to (...)

Burundi: USD 3 million to help vulnerable people and returnees from four communes

07-27-2018 The Ministry of the Interior in partnership with four organizations has launched a national reintegration project to help repatriated and vulnerable people from four communes of the country this July 27, 2018. Gogo Hukportie, UNHCR Representative in Burundi, says these two categories of people need to be assisted. “Burundian (...)

Busoni: the list of people“killed” lies at the heart of tensions

02-11-2015 A list published by the communal administrator, reporting nine people “killed “during the fighting at Cibitoke, is becoming highly controversial and contested. Some families speak of a charge of lies others confirm the deaths despite not having seen the corpses.-By Christian Bigirimana and Dieudonné Hakizimana,Translated by Diane Uwimana A (...)