EU dismisses Burundi government accusations of its will to destabilize Burundi

The European Union denies Burundi accusations that it is involved in the destabilization of government institutions.

"Our policy is based on the promotion of human rights", says the UE.

“Our policy is based on the promotion of human rights”, says the UE.

In the statement by the Delegation of the European Union to Burundi on Wednesday 7 June, the EU denies the “false” accusations of its involvement in the destabilization of Burundi security.

“The accusations are based on a deliberately wrong interpretation of a program to support human rights defenders”, reads the EU declaration.

“The EU foreign policy is based on the promotion of human rights and protection of their defenders throughout the world”, says the declaration, which also indicates that the lasting solution to the crisis in Burundi has to take into consideration the value of human rights.

“Any lasting resolution of the crisis in Burundi must take into account the ongoing and past human rights violations as well as the protection of the persons and organizations working in this regard”, reads the declaration.

The EU reminds that it’s a long-standing partner of Burundi and its people and that it supports the mediation efforts of the East African Community and continues its development cooperation in direct support to the Burundian population.

The EU declaration comes as a reaction to the Burundian government announcement issued on 5th June in which it accuses the EU of its probable involvement in the destabilization of Burundi institutions.