Few traders took places in Ngagara rehabilitated market

09-21-2018 Opened on 10 September, the third of shops and stands already constructed are occupied in the newly rehabilitated market located in Ntahangwa municipality in the north of the capital Bujumbura. That market has about 930 places of stands and 320 shops. Anastase Sazi, commissioner of Ngagara market says traders (...)

AU-EU Committed to supporting African Youths

11-30-2017 Following the AU-EU summit which is taking place in Abidjan- Ivory Coast, the chairmen of EU and AU commissions jointly issued a communiqué reaffirming their strong commitment to support Africa. Jean Claude Juncker, chairman of the EU commission says EU pledges to support Africa with an amount of £31 (...)

Burundi Senate votes against EU resolution

08-01-2017 Burundi senate has held a plenary session this 1 August during which it analyzed and voted against the content of the EU resolution adopted by the EU parliament on the current Burundi situation on 6 July. The European Parliament has recently upheld the decision by the European Union to (...)

The EU upholds sanctions against Burundi

07-08-2017 Members of the European Union parliament voted to keep sanctions on the Government of Burundi. They say human right violations persist. The Government of Burundi accuses the EU of being partial. On 6 July, EU parliamentarians adopted a resolution on Burundi in which they uphold the decision of the (...)

EU dismisses Burundi government accusations of its will to destabilize Burundi

06-08-2017 The European Union denies Burundi accusations that it is involved in the destabilization of government institutions. In the statement by the Delegation of the European Union to Burundi on Wednesday 7 June, the EU denies the “false” accusations of its involvement in the destabilization of Burundi security. “The accusations (...)

Towards restoration of confidence between Burundi and EU?

03-16-2017 Meetings with Burundian and EU officials have been carried out this week. A former Burundian diplomat says Burundi government is becoming more flexible. “Mass demonstrations against EU in general, and Belgium in particular, have been organized in Burundi for many times. Belgium was accused of all evils whereas it (...)

Burundi Government accuses EU of “demonising” campaign

01-27-2017 Burundian parliament has denounced the EU’s accusations of human rights violations in Burundi. Burundi government says it received with surprise and outrage the European parliament resolution on the situation in Burundi, spelling out a number of human rights violations. Philippe Nzobonariba, the spokesman for Burundi’s government, said there was (...)

EU: « Significant progress needs to be made »

10-05-2016 Seven months after the EU suspended the financial direct aid to the Burundian Government, its delegation has carried out a two day-visit in the country to assess the current situation. Conclusion: there is still a long way to go. “We have looked into different cases such as human rights, (...)