Economic experts doubt authenticity of figures of jobs and companies announced by API

Jean Prosper Niyoboke, an economic expert says there is a need to analyze the authenticity of the number of companies and jobs created as announced by Burundi investment agency-API. “We wonder if jobs and companies registered in API are potential or effective”, says that economic expert while reacting to the figures released by API.

Economic experts suggest that API monitor the activities of companies which have already registered

Economic experts suggest that API monitor the activities of companies which have already registered

On 17 June, Léonard Sentore, Director General of the Agency for the promotion of investment-API has said 12,400 jobs have been created since the beginning of this year. “10,689 jobs were created during the first half of 2017”, he said.

He also said 16 projects which were given certificate of conformity have already invested more than BIF 41 billion and 857 jobs were created in a period of 6 months.

Jean Prosper Niyoboke says it is not easy to understand how the unemployment rate continues to increase when jobs continue to be created. He wonders if the key sectors of the country development are concerned. “Are these companies created in the sectors of agriculture, mines, energy, technology, infrastructure …?” he wonders.

Faustin Ndikumana, chairman of PARCEM, a local NGO involved in the change of mindset says it’s the private sector which provides services, produces goods, creates jobs and runs well the business that helps the government operate. “The figures issued by API don’t match with the reality on the ground,” he says adding that the fact that a given company is known by API is not enough. It should also be operational on the ground, he says.

Mr.Ndikumana also says the absence of the industry sector constrains the economic growth in Burundi. He says companies like “former COTEBU, VERRUNDI…were created in the past years and used to export their products. “Are there any products made by those new companies that Burundi exports today?” he wonders.
In 2018, Burundi Investment Agency expects BIF 60 billion resulting from investments and the creation of 466 jobs. “About 705 jobs are already declared at the National Institute of Social Security”, said Sentore, API Director General.