Economic experts doubt authenticity of figures of jobs and companies announced by API

07-19-2018 Jean Prosper Niyoboke, an economic expert says there is a need to analyze the authenticity of the number of companies and jobs created as announced by Burundi investment agency-API. “We wonder if jobs and companies registered in API are potential or effective”, says that economic expert while reacting to (...)

API unable to control all companies operating in Burundi

04-06-2018 The Investment Promotion Agency (API) has said it is unable to regulate all the companies operating in Burundi due to limited budget. Léonard Sentore, Director of API, has said that this Thursday 05 April. While informing the public about the achievements of the agency during the first term of (...)

API must set up new strategies to attract investors, says corruption watchdog

01-12-2018 Burundi Investment Agency-API reports that 2289 companies have been registered with an expected 19 410 job created in 2017. Léonard Sentore, Director General of API says the number of companies registered has increased to 5, 3% while the employment expectations increased to 10, 6% compared to 2016 achievements. Sentore (...)

Lack of energy and foreign currencies limits exportation in Burundi

09-28-2017 Investment Promotion Agency (API) calls on economic operators to promote the export of Burundi products. Exporters say the lack of foreign currencies and electricity are a big challenge to exportation. “Burundi’s trade balance has deteriorated from $ 366 million in 2007 to a worse situation of less than $ (...)

Bujumbura: “Investment Trade Fair for More Visibility”

10-04-2016 Burundi Investment Agency (API) has organized a trade fair since 3 October to promote investment in Burundi through bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Clothes, food, telephone company, handcrafted products… these are different products exhibited at different stands in “Palais des Arts” in Bujumbura city center. “We are convinced our products (...)

API threatens to sanction companies misusing investment code advantages

10-01-2016 “We call on all entrepreneurs to respect commitments made in their business plan submitted during the application for eligibility certificate to the advantages of investment code”, said Didace Ngendakumana, the director of Investment Promotion Agency (API). “Offenders will be punished according to the law and regulations of the nation”, (...)

The job creation rate does not cover the unemployment rate

07-28-2016 The 2016 biannual report by the Investment Promotion Agency (API) reported that more than 11,000 companies were registered during that period. Over 11000 jobs were also created during the last six months. Didace Ngendakumana , the API director says he is satisfied with those figures which are higher than (...)


10-27-2015 Shock, dismay, fear, and anger after the massacre of 10 people on Buye Avenue in Ngagara zone section 3, on 13th October. The people of this community talk about a police operation characterized by killings and extortion of innocent people. Translated by Diane Uwimana 3:20 p.m. Two grenade explosions (...)

Burundi Trade Fair

11-19-2014 The Burundi Investment Promotion Authority (API) organized a three day (10-12th November) exhibition, highlighting the benefits of the investment code for investors. The 10-12 November trade fair was the first of its kind.-By Diane Uwimana The fair is organized to inform the public about achievements made by certified manufacturers. (...)