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EALA delegation appeals to foreign investors to come to Burundi

A delegation of 24 East African Legislative Assembly MPs from the six member countries of East African Community has arrived in Burundi since February 17, 2018.In a press conference held this Monday 19, the head of the delegation has acknowledged the peaceful situation that prevails in the country and appealed to investors from all over the world to come to invest in Burundi.

Muhia Wanjiku: “Burundi is peaceful and safe. We call on foreign investors to boost its economy”

Muhia Wanjiku: “Burundi is peaceful and safe. We call on foreign investors to boost its economy”

“Burundi is peaceful and safe. We have witnessed since we came here. Every EALA MP has seen how we were treated with kindness, respect and hospitality. We are ambassadors of the positive gospel”, says Muhia Wanjiku, Kenya Elected EALA MP and head of the delegation.

She calls on all the EALA MPs from the six member states of the EAC to spread the word about the safe environment prevailing in Burundi. “As EALA members, we have witnessed and confirm that there is peace in Burundi. We call on investors from not only the EAC but also from the whole world, to come to and trade with Burundi”

She says one of the missions of EAC in general and EALA in particular is to reinforce mutual relationships between partner states.

Among those MPs, Rwandan were present, an unusual attendance because since the political crisis that erupted in 2015, the relationships between the two neighbouring countries have been deteriorating , thus causing Rwandans not to show up in the activities scheduled to take place in Burundi and vice versa.

This EALA MPs’ delegation from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and South Soudan visited Kabanga- Kobero one stop border post on the border of Burundi and Tanzania. It is now visiting East African Research commission in Burundi and will later visit Ruhwa one stop border post on the frontier between Rwanda and Burundi.