Drivers association denounces increase in price of transport documents

The Association of Drivers in Burundi (ATRABU) requests the revision of the measure taken to increase the price of vehicle technical inspection service and transport permit in force since 9 December.

Burundi drivers attending the meeting

The cost of technical inspection service increased from BIF20, 000 to 57,000 while the transport permit increased from BIF 30,000 to 100,000, following the measure taken on 6 June by the Ministry of Transport

At a general assembly organized this 17 December by ATRABU, the drivers denounced this measure taken without consulting them.
“We had to be consulted before taking that decision that concerns us,” said Charles Ntirampeba, permanent secretary of ATRABU.
Georges Hakizimana, a bus driver requests that this measure be canceled. “Otherwise, we will have to increase the transportation fees,” he said.

Désiré Barengayabo, a taximan, wonders which criteria the ministry has considered to set these prices. He fears that once the measure persists, some drivers will abandon their jobs and consequently, the unemployment rate could increase.

Bosco Minani, ATRABU chairman said the meeting purpose was to understand the various concerns of these drivers. He announced that “ATRABU will send soon a letter that expresses grievances of drivers to the Ministry of Transport so that the latter finds solution to the problem.”