Communication ministry to serve as bridge between journalists and administration

01-22-2019 The ministry of communication promised to serve as bridge between journalists and administration. Mr. Frédéric Nahimana, Minister of Communication, says it when he was presenting his ministry’s achievements for the second semester 2018, this Monday 21 January 2019. He says he is fully aware that there is an advantage (...)

OBR exhorts journalists to raise awareness of role of tax collection

09-07-2018 Burundi Revenue Authority has organized this 6 September, a workshop for journalists of local radio stations and newspapers to raise awareness of the importance of paying taxes. Léopold Kabura, Deputy Commissioner of Burundi Revenue Authority says any taxpayer will pay taxes if s/he understands a little a bit the (...)

Burundian journalists complain about difficulty of accessing information sources

05-04-2018 While the world celebrates the Press Freedom Day each 3 May, Burundian journalists say working conditions go from bad to worse comparing to the past years. “We work with fear and expect the worse at any time,” says a journalist from a local radio station adding that Burundian journalists (...)

Diploma required to journalists arouse controversy in National Assembly

04-20-2018 The National Assembly analyzed on 19 April, a bill revising the law on the press. Article 7 of the bill requires media professional to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism. MPs worry that some journalists will be dismissed. Agathon Rwasa, First deputy-speaker of the National Assembly deplores (...)

Burundian journalists lack forum to discuss their challenges

11-02-2017 On 2 November, Burundi joins the world in celebrating the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. Some Burundian journalists say they lack a forum where they can talk about the problems they are often faced with. “It’s a big challenge that we do not have a (...)

IDUAI in Burundi: Journalists demand cooperation for public information

09-29-2017 While the world celebrates the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) on September 28th, some Burundian journalists demand access to information and equal treatment. The ministry of information says journalists are well and equally treated. Some Burundian journalists face problems related to information access. They say they (...)

UNAIDS National Plan for 2016-2021: Journalists pledge to sensitize people to AIDS testing

12-13-2016 “About 800 health centers have been created in the country to test AIDS, but few people come to benefit from the advantages offered by those health centers”, says Richard Manirakiza, deputy director of the National Program for fight against HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases –PNLS/IST. This was said on (...)

Alert – “Finding Jean” operation / Mubarazi River 4:05 p.m.: the second body still bandaged up around the head

08-11-2016 A second body was not easily removed from the Mubarazi River. Journalists have found that the body was loaded with a bag of rocks. Another macabre surprise : Before the execution, murderers had put a bandage around the head of the victim (Additional Information will follow) (...)

“Raising woman voices to media”

01-03-2014 Female journalists from the Great Lakes Region working in media have gathered to create a network for freely voicing and expressing women issues.-By Yves Didier Irakoze The network was created in partnership with Search for Common Ground an NGO operating in Burundi, Burundian Women Journalists Association (AFJO), Rwandan Women (...)

Journalists trained by Regional Media Training Project “PIGISTE” have got certificates

10-01-2013 This 20th September 2013 at “Chez André Restaurant” in Bujumbura has taken place the closing of the Great Lakes Regional Media Training Project PIGISTE of radio journalists run for 4 years (2009-2013) – By Yves Didier Irakoze According to Bettina Haasen, Technical Counselor of the German NGO EIRENE GL (...)