CNL activities banned to ensure members’ protection, says Bujumbura Mayor.

“Your activities are not allowed for security reasons,” reads a correspondence issued on March 1, 2019 by Freddy Mbonimpa, the Mayor of Bujumbura city in response to the quest of Honorable Agathon Rwasa announcing the holding of the opening ceremonies and launch of National Congress for Freedom-CNL party’s activities.

Freddy Mbonimpa: “there are isolated cases of criminals who can disrupt order and security”

Freddy Mbonimpa says the activities have been banned to ensure the protection of the population. “We had information that these activities could be disrupted”, he says.
Mr. Mbonimpa says there is peace in the country but there are isolated cases of criminals who can disrupt order and security.

He says CNL members should not worry because their political party has been agreed and the government is ready to collaborate like it does with other political parties. “It is recognized by the Interior Ministry and we will treat it like other parties. We will work with it while respecting the parties’ rules and regulations”.

Those activities were scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, March 3 in Bujumbura. Some members of the National Congress for Freedom believe that CNDD-FDD is afraid of the new party. “Let’s persevere! Because of fear, the party in power has just prohibited CNL party to solemnly open its permanence, “said a member of CNL.

Agathon Rwasa, CNL leader, says it is deplorable that activities of an approved party are considered as a security threat to a democratic country. “Perhaps this is a zealous decision that emanates from some officials”. He says this will not discourage them. “After all, everything has an end”.