Security Ministry to severely punish road code violation

At least 47 transport vehicles of “Probox” type seized since 15 February have been released by the Security Ministry this 27 February 2018.

Arthémon Nzitabakuze: “All vehicles seized will be released after three months”

They were seized following the violation of the road code, notably the high speed and improper loading. This was said in a meeting that the Security Ministry has organized with the members of the association of Burundi public transport drivers –ATRABU to analyze the prevailing situation.

Bosco Minani, chairman of ATRABU has said the measure was taken on 13 February and the majority of drivers were not aware of it. “We apologize as the measure was not popularized,” he says adding that they will respect the measure as they are aware of it now.

Arthémon Nzitabakuze, Regional police Commissioner in the western region, says all bicycles and vehicles seized will be released as the drivers have admitted that they were not aware of the measure. “The concerned will pay a fine and get back their transport vehicles”, he says.

Mr Nzitabakuze says, however, that sanctions such as the seizure of vehicles or other means of transport for three months and paying a fine to get them back for those who will be caught violating the road rules remain in force.

On 15 February, the Security Ministry started a campaign to put an end to the phenomenon of bicycle drivers who lean on trucks and improperly loaded vehicles which cause many road accidents.

According to the traffic police, 3526 cases of accidents in which 650 people were killed and another 2273 wounded, were recorded in 2017. In 2018, 2845 cases of road accidents in which 381 people lost their lives and 1758 got injured were recorded.