Cement is now available in sufficient quantity, BUCECO official reassures

Official of Burundi Cement Company says the scarcity of BUCECO cement observed for almost two months was due to the technical problems that occurred in the company. He reassures that the cement is now available.

Burundi Cement Company plant

The shortage of the cement manufactured by Burundi Cement Company (BUCECO) has been observed for more than two months in almost all the provinces of Burundi. Its price has also risen. It is sold at BIF 35,000 while its official price is BIF 24,500.

“BUCECO company encountered a technical problem due to a machine that broke down. We had tried to repair it but to no avail. We had bought another machine and we hope that we will produce the large quantity like before, “said Prosper Ndangamiye communication officer at BUCECO in a meeting held this 25 November with the administrative and security authorities as well as the cement sellers.

He says that before the machine broke down, the company was producing a large quantity that wholesalers could not sell at an official price of BIF 21,500. “They were forced to lower the price to get rid of their stocks. We produced a large quantity that could not be consumed on the national territory, “Ndangamiye says.

He reassures that the cement has been available in Bujumbura since the beginning of this week. He says the increase in the price of cement is due to speculations. He calls on the administrative and security authorities to ensure that these speculations do not continue and that speculators be seriously punished.

Nimbonera Christian, a cement salesman affirms that the cement is available in various markets across the country at the official price of BIF 24,500 since the past two weeks. He asks BUCECO to do everything necessary to keep the cement available. He explains that this phenomenon is due to the speculation of retail sellers.

Léonidas Ndayegamiye the police commissioner accuses cement sellers of speculating arguing that that despite technical problems that occurred in BUCECO, this company has not raised the price. “The bit of cement produced by BUCECO was sold at BIF 24,500, how then did it increased to BIF 35, 000?” the police commissioner wonders. He proposes to conduct field visits at least once a week to oversee whether cement sellers comply with the official price.