Busiga administration receives hundreds of Eusébie followers from Rwanda

More than 300 followers of Eusébie Ngendakumana have spent the night at Mparamirundi communal lycée in Busiga commune of Ngozi Northern Province. They arrived yesterday evening after crossing the northern Kanyaru border post. They say they are happy to be back home and hope that they won’t be persecuted because of their religious beliefs.

Eusébie follower reading a Bible

Eusébie follower reading a Bible

“I am happy to be back home. When I crossed Kanyaru border, I felt joy” said one of the repatriated followers of “the prophetess”.

They say they will continue to believe in Eusébie prophecy. “We had not left our belief in Congo or Rwanda. I still believe in Eusebie prophecies. “I wish I could spend a whole week in Businde praying.

In this area, I feel safe,” said one Eusébie follower.

Joseph Nahimana, Busiga commune administrator says those people are being taken back to their homes either by relatives or local administration. “The number is decreasing. Some people come and pick their relatives. Governors of provinces have also sent vehicles to pick the natives of their provinces. All of them have to be sent in their respective families,” he says.

Térence Ntahiraja, spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, says the later has received 2499 Eusébie followers while the expected number was 2511. “They are our brothers and sisters. They agreed that they will abide by the country’s laws and the catholic religion’s rules. As for the 12 that we have not yet seen, we will ask their fellows where they are,” he says.

Those Eusébie followers fled the country in September 2015 saying they were persecuted because of their religious beliefs. They first arrived in Kamanyola where they stayed till March 7, 2018. They later moved to Rwanda where they were repatriated from since this Sunday1, April 2018.