Burundians with disabilities plead for access to election offices in 2020

On the occasion of the World Day of People living with disabilities this December 3, Cassien Bizabigomba, Chairman of the Federation of Associations of people living with disabilities in Burundi says the latter have difficulty accessing the voting material and getting information.

People with disabilities have difficulty accessing the voting material and getting information

“Those who have physical disability don’t easily access the polling stations because the places are not well landscaped and there are stairs”, he says. He also adds that blind people don’t have access to the voting booths. “There is no Braille for them,” he says adding that people with hearing disabilities are also concerned.

Mr. Bizabigomba says they don’t understand the programs of electoral candidates. “There must be interpreters,” he says.

For him, the government should intervene so that people with disabilities vote and get elected without difficulties.

According to a survey conducted by the International NGO Handicap International in 5 provinces of Burundi in 2012, people with disabilities represent between 15 and 20% of the Burundian population.