Opposition parties called on to form strong coalition for change

This Sunday October 6th, the National Rally for Change (RANAC) party called on political parties to form a strong coalition to bring about change in 2020.

RANAC members in a meeting held by their boss

Aloys Baricako, Chairman of RANAC party has called on all political parties aspiring to change to form a coalition in order to win the upcoming 2020 elections.
He was holding a meeting with RANAC party members from Rumonge province to inform them of the party program.

Léopold Ndayisaba, Representative of RANAC party in Rumonge province has said the population is faced with poverty; the education quality has reduced and different state services are involved in corruption.

According to him, even if the situation is not alarming, politicians are not free to exercise political activities. “Administrative authorities refused us permission to open the party office in ​​Kigwena area,” he said.

He also reported the theft of political flags as well as arbitrary arrests of opposition members. Mr Ndayisaba, however, appreciates results of meetings held with the administrative, police and judicial authorities in order to evaluate together the ongoing electoral process.

Change through elections

The Chairman of RANAC called for a change through the upcoming 2020 elections and asked other parties to form a coalition to achieve the ultimate goal of change.

He took advantage of this meeting to show to RANAC members two new members who joined the party. They occupy high positions in this country. They are namely Issa Ngendakumana who was Minister under Sahwanya Frodebu government and Liboire Ngendahayo, former Minister of Education under the government led by Melchior Ndadaye.

At a press briefing he held on the spot, he said that RANAC party has not yet chosen its candidate for the presidential election arguing that it is waiting for the formation of a coalition of political parties for change. RANAC party says it wants a radical change and not a change in continuity.

Story originally Written by Felix Nzorubonanya and translated by Lorraine Josiane Manishatse