Burundi needs more processing factories, says First Vice President

During the official opening ceremonies of “Made in Burundi” trade fair which took place at Communauté Héllénique de Bujumbura on July 24th, Burundi First Vice President has called for more investment in local factories.

Gaston Sindimwo calls on investors to transform waste collected in Bujumbura city into useful products

“Everybody should do their best so that we can transform our harvest into long-lasting products to help alleviate hunger in Burundi,” says Gaston Sindimwo, Burundi First Vice President.

Mr. Sindimwo says the products made in Burundi should be cheaper than those from overseas. “Since the government facilitates industrial activities, investors should in turn help the government so people can buy their products at affordable prices.”

He also says the government of Burundi will organize trade fairs every year to help both local and foreign factories operating in Burundi to exhibit their products.

Mr. Sindimwo calls on investors to set up transformation factories of waste collected in Bujumbura city.

“The ministry talks to investors so they raise problems they encounter in relation to investing in the country,” says Jean Marie Niyokindi, Burundi Minister of Commerce and Industry adding that this increases productivity and reduces prices on products.

He also says Burundian industries need effective techniques so they can compete with foreign ones. “The industrial sector can develop when there are roads to facilitate the transportation of products, experts and enough electricity,” adds Mr. Niyokindi.

He asks banks to grant long-term loans at a low interest rate.
“The higher production of local industries will also solve the lack of foreign currency problem in Burundi,” says Denis Nshimirimana, Secretary General of the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Burundi. He adds that what used to be imported will be produced locally and found in local markets.

A participant in the trade fair says it is an opportunity for people to exhibit what they produce, promote local products and Burundi as a country. He says many clients come to the trade fair because prices are lower compared to other markets.

“Promoting products made in Burundi to develop Burundi” is the trade fair’s theme for this year.