Scarcity of Amstel Beer and Amstel Bock in Bujumbura

Consumers of Amstel Beer and Amstel Bock are worried about the shortage of their favorite drinks. They urge competent authorities to resolve the issue.

Sources report the scarcity of Amstel Beer and Amstel Bock

“I have not found my favorite drink ‘Amstel Beer’ for over a month. It is no longer available in several bars in Bujumbura, “says Jimmy Nkeshimana, an inhabitant of Ngagara neighborhood in the north of Bujumbura city.
He adds that the price of this product has increased in bars where they are available. “The price of Amstel Beer 65 cl has increased from BIF 1800 to BIF 2200.”

Mr Nkeshimana blames Burundi Brewery Company–BRARUDI for not informing its customers the reasons behind the shortage of some of its products. “My wife who used to drink Amstel Bock currently drinks soda. It’s a pity that she cannot have her favorite drink,” Nkeshimana says, adding that Amstel Bock has not been sold in Bujumbura bars for more than two months.

A bar owner from Ngagara says BRARUDI strategic sale depots have limited quantities of Amstel Beer while Amstel Bock has not been available for several months.

“To get supplied with Amstel Beer, we are forced to buy other drinks like Primus beer and ‘Viva’ soda. To have one crate of Amstel Beer, we must buy two crates of Primus or Viva.”

The bar owner explains that when he gets Amstel Beer, he increases its price since he spends much money for transportation. “Since these products are not available in BRARUDI strategic sale depots close to our bars, we go to get them in other neighborhoods,” he says.

He asks competent authorities to find a solution to this problem to allow them to continue their business. Remy Ndayishimiye, communication officer at BRARUDI explains that the demand far exceeds the supply during the high season. “BRARUDI is doing its best to satisfy its customers.” He adds.