Burundi Government accuses EU of “demonising” campaign

Burundian parliament has denounced the EU’s accusations of human rights violations in Burundi.

Philippe Nzobonariba, spokesman for Burundian Government.

Philippe Nzobonariba, spokesman for Burundian Government.

Burundi government says it received with surprise and outrage the European parliament resolution on the situation in Burundi, spelling out a number of human rights violations.

Philippe Nzobonariba, the spokesman for Burundi’s government, said there was coincidence and similarity between the EU parliament release and the report of the Human Rights watch, an organisation which he claims publishes false and overwhelming reports.

Human Rights Watch is an international organisation which protects rights of people around the world, brings offenders to justice, prevents discrimination and upholds political freedom .It has accused the “Imbonerakure” , the youth league of Burundi’s ruling party, of different crimes.

“This misinforming and demonising campaign towards Burundi country is taken up by foreign media especially the French television, France 24, which is propagandist in favour of those destabilising the state”, says the Burundi’s government.

The government says it regrets that the EU parliament is ignoring the improvement of the politico-security situation in the country. The government claims the human rights situation has improved remarkably in recent months.
The government said it is astonished by the fact that the EU parliament ignored the Burundi’s president decision to release 2500 prisoners.

The European Parliament called for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience. On Monday 23 January, Burundi released 568 prisoners and continues to free prisoners from different jails.

The UN delegation in Burundi said on Thursday 26 January 2017 that it was aware of the prisoners’ release:” The European Union welcomes this measure, which is seen as an initial element of response in the context of the Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement.”

The government says it recommends that the EU parliament maintains collaboration with Burundi’s parliament, which is a reliable official partner.