Philippe Nzobonariba


Government calls for international survey on exact figures of Burundian refugees

09-12-2017 Burundi Government says it still wonders why UNHCR still prevents refugees from returning home and continues to publish untrue figures. “Either the number is high or there are people pretending to be Burundian refugees when in fact they are not. Thus, there must be a hidden interest behind all (...)

Burundi opposition calls on UN envoy to start inclusive negotiations

07-14-2017 The United Nations’ Special Envoy to Burundi yesterday concluded the first round of consultations between the Government of Burundi and civil society present in the country. The envoy, former interim president of Burkina Faso, Michel Kafando, expects to present results of his meetings to the United Nations Secretary General (...)

Burundi Government accuses EU of “demonising” campaign

01-27-2017 Burundian parliament has denounced the EU’s accusations of human rights violations in Burundi. Burundi government says it received with surprise and outrage the European parliament resolution on the situation in Burundi, spelling out a number of human rights violations. Philippe Nzobonariba, the spokesman for Burundi’s government, said there was (...)