Burundi GDP grows slowly due to laziness, ISTEEBU reveals

The current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 315 USD per capita, reveals the census conducted in 2018 by the Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi (ISTEEBU). The ISTEEBU director general believes that the GDP grows slowly while the Burundi 2020-2025 vision plans to reach the GDP per capita of more than 700 USD.

Nicolas Ndayishimiye, director general of ISTEEBU:“We are still far from reaching the 2020-2025 Burundi vision,”

“We are still far from reaching the 2020-2025 Burundi vision,” said Nicolas Ndayishimiye, Director General of ISTEEBU at a press briefing held on October 25 on the occasion of the official launch of the month dedicated to statistics in Burundi.

According to the previous census conducted in 2005, the GDP was USD 143 per capita. Ndayishimiye thinks that even though there has been an improvement, he wonders how Burundians will increase their GDP from 315 USD to 700 USD per capita in six years. He calls on every citizen to do their best to increase the national GDP.
According to ISTEEBU director general, laziness is the main cause of the slow growth of GDP in Burundi. He alludes to young people who spend lazy days in bars or consuming drugs.