Burundi artists producing animated films in need of support

“The animated film is still at the embryonic stage in Burundi although we shape an ongoing evolution compared to the past five years, “said Florian Nifasha, a Burundian author of over 10 animated cartoons. It was on 28 October, on the occasion of the International Animation Day.

Florian Nifasha: “We need everyone’s support to promote producers of animated cartoons.”

As Mr Nifasha says, this domain faces the lack of resources and staff in Burundi. “There are not many Burundians producing animated films while this sector requires a lot of staff. We really need people who invest in it,” he says.

He adds that many young Burundians are interested in the domain of animated cartoons but the majority of them lack the courage to continue because it doesn’t generate money and requires great patience.


“At some point, they waste their talent as they cannot get money through producing animated cartoons. They try other income generating activities,” he says.


This young Burundian artist believes that people must work hard and patiently to promote this art. He calls on the government and organizations to support artists producing animated films.

“Parents whose children are interested in cartoons and animated cartoons should support and encourage them. We need everyone’s support to promote this art,” says Nifasha.