Bujumbura high school students hope to pass national test

More than 90 thousand students are expected to do the national test edition 2019 that will start on Tuesday 6 August. Students and their teachers from various high school institutions in Burundi continue to prepare for the state exam.

Students sitting for a state exam in Bujumbura last year

On 1 August, at Rohero Municipal High School located in the center of Bujumbura, students completing high school in the language section were reviewing the course of Kirundi under close supervision of their teachers.

Benjamin Nzosaba, a student at Ruhero Municipal High School, says that students are getting ready to do the test. “We continue to revise the courses systematically,” says Nzosaba adding that he is confident he will succeed. “I am fully confident of passing the exam,” he says.

At Notre Dame de Rohero high school, few students met in a one class were reading their books and notebooks very carefully. One of them says they are prepared enough.

Andrea Flaurette Mwarire, a student at Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero, says she is confident she will pass the exam. “I am well prepared almost in all courses. I will do my best to pass the exam, “she says.
The teacher of Kirundi who was helping students to revise for the state exam ensures that his students are ready for the test. “We continue to help our students to review the courses and we are confident they will succeed, “he says, arguing that students show their ambitions to pass the exam.