Best wishes to Burundi

After three and a half years representing the United States of America in Burundi, Dawn Liberi delivered a farewell message to Burundians on 22 July in her residence. Her mission ended with the beginning of July, 2016.

Dawn Liberi : The outgoing US Ambassador to Burundi

Dawn Liberi : The outgoing US Ambassador to Burundi

“During my stay in Burundi since 2013, I have made many friends and enjoyed the generosity and warmth of the Burundian people. I carry with me fond memories of a beautiful country and its friendly people, especially Burundi’s youth” said emotionally Down Liberi, the outgoing US Ambassador to Burundi in her farewell statement to Burundi, presented on Friday in her residence.

For her, the youth are the future of a country. “In Burundi, the future is now, and it is the young who need and deserve a chance to build a prosperous future for all Burundians,” mentioned Liberi.

She recalled that Burundi was on the path to peace and prosperity when she arrived in 2013. It had emerged from a dark period and was becoming a shining example of post-conflict success. People and the press were free to express themselves. There was little violence and the economy was reviving. “Burundi made a name for itself with its peacekeeping contributions and its international image in many diverse forums,” she praised.

The outgoing US Ambassador regretted that Burundi currently faces many political, security, economic, humanitarian, and human rights challenges.

However, she hopes that Burundi’s leaders will choose the path of dialogue and peace. “My hope remains in a young and energetic people who seek to build a better society and better lives for its families”, said Liberi. She calls upon all Burundian political actors to be actively involved in the inter-Burundian dialogue which, she hopes, will lead Burundi to a lasting peace.

She concluded that despite her departure, the friendship and partnership of the American people and Burundians stand fast.