Dawn Liberi


Best wishes to Burundi

07-25-2016 After three and a half years representing the United States of America in Burundi, Dawn Liberi delivered a farewell message to Burundians on 22 July in her residence. Her mission ended with the beginning of July, 2016. “During my stay in Burundi since 2013, I have made many friends (...)

Joanna Kaze, the Winner of the First Andika Prize Edition

02-17-2014 It is for her short story “Chance” that Joanna Kaze, 25 years old, won the first edition of the English-speaking Literary Contest Andika Prize, the initial one of this kind in Burundi.-Diane Uwimana Her short story, which tells about the tragic story of a teenage-mother, was selected the best (...)

US Secretary of Navy has recently visited Burundian AMISOM soldiers at Mudubugu camp

12-03-2013 General Ray Mabus was glad to witness the steps already achieved in the training offered by American trainers to Burundian army. This is done for strengthening partnership between America and Burundi to fight international terrorism in Somalia.–Diane Uwimana “Marines’ skills are very important for Burundi and America,” declares General (...)