2020 election campaign :Three weeks to convince!

The campaign for the elections of May 20 was launched this Monday, April 27. In often tense atmospheres, the candidates of political parties and independents running for president tell Burundians the projects they have for Burundi. Iwacu goes back to some highlights from the first day of the campaign.

Evariste Ndayishimiye: the change in continuity

During the official launch of the electoral campaign of the ruling party CNDD-FDD in Bugendana commune, the presidential candidate for this party, Evariste Ndayishimiye, promised to continue the work of his mentor. As for the latter, he reaffirmed his unwavering support.

The activists of CNDD-FDD party responded massively to the meeting.

It is 7 a.m. on Monday, April 27, in Gitega province which is also the country’s political capital. Near “Bar Ku Ngoma” in the city center, the square is teeming with people. Men and women wear the ruling CNDD-FDD party shirts and loincloths. Slogans like “Tora Evariste Ndayishimiye” (Vote for Evariste Ndayishimiye) or “Turi kumwe twese birashoboka” (Together, everything is possible) are visible on these clothes.

Cars with the party flags, CNDD-FDD balloons, stickers bearing the photo of “Samuragwa Evariste Ndayishimiye” (the heir Evariste Ndayishimiye), are everywhere in the town of Gitega.
At 7:30 a.m., several vehicles converge on Bugendana commune. Minibuses, Fuso brand trucks, pickups, transport buses and vans, all with the colors of the CNDD-FDD party are filled with the party supporters. There are also several state vehicles.

On both sides of the Gitega-Bugendana road, banana trunks have been planted. Some Bagumyabanga(members of the ruling party) hitchhike along the way. “We are exhausted,” they shout each time a vehicle passes.
Others walk slowly towards the place of the festivities. Onlookers observe the scene with amusement.

“The world is confined, but Burundi is dancing”

At 8:15 a.m., several erected tents are seen in Bugendana. Activists sing party songs. Some have been there since dawn. “I arrived here at 3 a.m.,” says an activist from Karusi province. The police have trouble regulating the traffic. Fuso brand vehicles continue to drop off activists. Sometimes a hundred people packed together in the same vehicle. OTRACO transport buses are also as packed as are vans and other cars. No protection against coronavirus.
Entering the place is not easy at all. People are jostling. They pile up on the different entrances. Security guards thoroughly check people. It is very difficult to monitor all entrances. Nurses from Mutaho Hospital were mobilized. With gloves and masks on the mouth, they stand at the entries with hydro-alcoholic gels.

Inside, the world-shaking Coronavirus has been forgotten. “The world is confined, but Burundi is dancing,” constantly claims the host. Some Bagumyabanga greet each other with elbows, but others kiss each other without worrying about anything. Apparently, protective measures are the least of their concerns. “God will protect us!” No need to talk about social distancing.

“Distinguished guests”

Isidore Mbayahaga (in the middle) prepares the entry of his supporters.

The campaign begins amidst tight security. The telephone networks are not working. It’s impossible to send or receive messages. The Bagumyabanga (members of the ruling party) head towards the different stands. They settle according to their provinces of origin. The organizers are quickly overwhelmed. The seats planned are saturated. Late comers are forced to sit on the floor.

Some ambassadors accredited to Burundi and some civil society activists are present.
Several representatives of parties allied with the ruling CNDD-FDD, namely the COPA Coalition, FNL, ADR, APDR, Sahwanya FRODEBU Nyakuri, RPB Nturenganywe, FPN Imboneza,… are also on the ground.

The presence in Bugendana of Isidore Mbayahaga, leader of a group of UPRONA party activists opposed to Gaston Sindimwo who is the presidential candidate of this party, caused a sensation.

A hundred UPRONA party members, opposed to the candidacy of Gaston Sindimwo, came to support the ruling CNDD-FDD

Dressed in the colors of UPRONA party, the photo of Prince Louis Rwagasore is clearly visible on his clothes. Isidore Mbayahaga is constantly talking on the phone. He talks a lot with those responsible for organizing the event.

All of a sudden, a group of sixty people enters. They are dressed in the colors of UPRONA party. They walk timidly in the middle of the crowd. Some hide their faces with a UPRONA party scarf. Most of them are young, others are old. A tumult rises among the crowd of Bagumyabanga. Some people timidly applaud. Others smile a little bit. The new arrivals are “exposed” in front of the tribune of high dignitaries. During the ceremonies, two other groups of UPRONA party members, opposed to Gaston Sindimwo, make their entry. They timidly dance to the rhythm of the songs of the ruling party.

“We are one!”

The big political names from the ruling party begin to arrive around 10:10. The Burundian Ombudsman, Edouard Nduwimana, the 2nd Vice-President of the Republic, Joseph Butore, the president of the Senate, Révérien Ndikuriyo and Pascal Nyabenda, president of the National Assembly.

Around 11 a.m., drums are played. The Bagumyabanga wave flags and balloons. The song “Nguyo Samurarwa” (here is the heir) is sung. The presidential candidate of CNDD-FDD, General Major Evariste Ndayishimiye arrives, accompanied by Pierre Nkurunziza, the Head of State who is also the president of the CNDD-FDD party’s council of wise men.

Evariste Ndayishimiye: “I promise to be your servant.”

In his speech, the President of the Republic will explain the choice of Bugendana commune. “It is in this commune where we started the campaign for the new constitution in 2018. The latter is special, because it was organized and financed by Burundians themselves.”
According to him, this constitution was not amended so that Pierre Nkurunziza can stand for election.

“Many people were not happy that day on their way back home. It doesn’t matter, because you can’t change the will of God.” He will emphasize that he had promised not to run for president again.

President Pierre Nkurunziza will praise the merits of his successor. His negotiating skills when the CNDD-FDD was still a rebel movement, his work in the mechanism of the implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement, his work in the establishment of the army, the police and the national intelligence service (SNR) resulting from this Agreement, his work as Minister of the Interior and afterwards chief of civil cabinet to the President of the Republic.

“He has always been by my side. We are one! As President of the Republic, I support him 100%. I will vote for him. You have noticed that I am wearing a shirt with his photo and he is wearing a shirt with my photo. We are one!”

He urges Burundians to vote for the candidate of CNDD-FDD. According to him, electing Major General Ndayishimiye would make him happy, because he will come to continue the development work already started since 2005.

President Nkurunziza will thank Pascal Nyabenda, former Secretary General of the ruling party and current President of the National Assembly. “He did a remarkable job despite a lot of difficulties. Two years did not go by without problems in our party. He was able to deal with all of them.”

To follow government programs

“This day is memorable. Our permanent visionary had promised to come and support me. Today he did it because we know each other. We learned a lot from him. He testified that I am a good student and that is why you have placed your trust in me. I’m ready to lead because I have an excellent coach,” says the chosen candidate.

President Pierre Nkurunziza has promised to support his successor at 100%

According to him, the permanent visionary, Pierre Nkurunziza, is like Moses. “God spoke to him and he guided us. Those who opposed him are now very far away. We will respect him forever.”
Mr Ndayishimiye will say that it is time to work hard based on the programs already set by the government.

“I know the challenges that haunt the Burundian society. We will work to find a solution to these problems. I will not stop as long as there are still Burundians who do not eat sufficiently, live in poor homes and fewer children who still can’t get school fees.”
He warns those who want to eat without having worked.

Evariste Ndayishimiye focuses his efforts on the development of key sectors: health, agriculture, education, trade, mining, tourism, telecommunications, social security, etc.
The candidate of the ruling party is delighted that 80% of the approved political parties are behind the CNDD-FDD. “Those who are going to vote are Burundians. If they vote overwhelmingly for me, may no one cry out about fraud.”

He asked the Bagumyabanga to go to all the provinces, to climb up and down all the hills, to go from house to house in order to collect votes for their candidate. He emphasizes that in case of victory, he will be the president of all Burundians. “I promise to be your servant.”
Neither the current president nor the presidential candidate said a word over the Coronavirus in their speeches.

At the end of the meeting, the Bagumyabanga rush to the chief town of Bugendana commune to quench their thirst. It is difficult to find where to set foot. The bars are crowded. People sit in small groups while drinking. Some people don’t hesitate to share a bottle with others. The Covid-19 is far away from their minds.

Written by Fabrice Manirakiza

Ngozi:CNL party for change

Agathon Rwasa, presidential candidate of the opposition CNL party, officially launched the electoral campaign in Ngozi. It was an opportunity to reveal his projects for the society and denounce political intolerance.

Partial view of CNL activists at Muremera stadium.

In northern Ngozi, at the Muremera stadium on Monday April 27, it is a morning like no other. Around 5 a.m., the streets of the city are already filled with CNL activists. Car horns, motorbikes… wake people up. It’s impossible to continue sleeping.

It is the start of the electoral campaign for the triple ballot on May 20. It will combine the presidential, legislative and municipal elections.
Around 7 a.m., CNL party activists begin to plant a few flags on the roadsides of the city of Ngozi.

Meanwhile, members of the ruling party are gathering at the roundabout in front of Ngozi provincial office.

Some of their vehicles, with loudspeakers, roam the streets of Ngozi, with sounds of the songs of the ruling party. “It’s a provocation,” says a young CNL activist, planting banana trunks.
“Normally, today, it is the CNL party which is legally authorized to hold the meeting here in Ngozi. But we are not going to give in to this provocation.”

At around 9 a.m., the procession of vehicles of the militants of the ruling party then takes the road towards Bugendana, in Gitega province.

In the meantime, the members of CNL party are concluding the preparations. At Muremera stadium, the entire perimeter is surrounded by flags and some signs and photos of Agathon Rwasa.
“Tora Agathon Rwasa yahariye ubuzima bwiwe bwose guharanira ubwigenge bw’Abarundi. Twubake Uburundi bwa bose.”

(“Vote for Agathon Rwasa who dedicated his entire life to the freedom of Burundians. Let us build a Burundi for all “), reads the large sign installed in the tribune of honor. On the same sign, there is a photo of Agathon Rwasa next to the party’s flag and N ° 23.

At 10 a.m., CNL activists from other Ngozi communes such as Kiremba, Buhiga… begin to arrive on board Fuso and Probox-type vehicles and buses. Others come on foot, by motorbikes or by bicycles. CNL members from other provinces also join others at the stadium.
The meeting point is at the entry to the city of Ngozi from Gashikanwa commune. The place is commonly called ” Station chez Kalfan ”. Some wear party clothes and others display photos of their candidate, etc.

Some young people ensure security. A small number of the police are also on the site. Around noon, there is already a crowd of people. A march to the Muremera stadium is planned after the arrival of the presidential candidate. The crowd seems impatient.

The “security guards” are overwhelmed. The movement is paralyzed. The activists then hit the road singing slogans, songs denouncing injustice and corruption. The traders at Ngozi market stand in front of their kiosks to look at the spectacle. Some people wearing the clothes of the ruling party are also there.

” Ubu twahinduye, nugutora Rwasa. Twikureko agatotezo. Baraduhemukiye “(“Now, let’s vote for Rwasa. Let us free ourselves from the persecution. They betrayed us “), read the slogans. Women, young people and adults will walk for around 1 km and this after a fine rain.
Around 1:30 p.m. Agathon Rwasa arrives on site. He is accompanied by his wife. He is greeted with applause and drums. The Muremera stadium is packed.

“Vote for change”

Agathon Rwasa, CNL candidate.

In front of a crowd of activists some wearing the colors of the CNL party (black, red and green), Agathon Rwasa, opened his electoral campaign by insisting on the eradication of political intolerance:
“It is time for Burundians to reconnect with the sense of humanity.”
In a speech which was wildly applauded, the CNL candidate for the presidential election of May 20 returns to the events that tarnished the image of the country. He speaks about the political fabrications which, according to him, have brought nothing to the country: “The administrative authorities use their positions to violate the laws and trample on the freedom of Burundians.”

Mr Rwasa will give the example of his activists imprisoned in Ngozi prison. They are accused of having participated in the activities of his party in a commune of which they are not native.

“We want to end the use of force.” He denounces what he calls fictitious memberships. Reference is made to certain so-called nationals of Ngozi province who declare that they have left the CNL for the CNDD-FDD. “I know these people. No one is a CNL member or a national of Ngozi province. These are fabrications. ” He wonders: “If four thousand people deserted the party, where did this crowd gathered here come from?”

To his activists, Mr. Rwasa asks them not to give in to intimidation: “We want a Burundi without injustice and discrimination. We have to build it together by respecting the laws and respecting each other.”


Mr. Rwasa does not mince his words. He points an accusing finger at the administrative officials of Busiga commune. According to him, the latter said that the population would go to rallies after work. “They intend to make it a law.” He reminds his activists that the campaign begins at 6 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m.

For him, these administrative officials want to disorient the militants of the CNL party: “I say this knowingly. Tomorrow they will deploy the Imbonerakure arguing that you have broken the law.”

A message is also given to the police in case these young people come to prevent the party’s militants from campaigning: “I say it and I take full responsibility for it. My activists are not going to let it go. And don’t say that CNL activists are responsible. ” He urges the police to apply the law fairly.

Mr.Rwasa criticizes the language and the behavior of certain high ranking officers of the army and the police. According to him, the latter swear that only will win the one they want. He says they will not be able to question the people’s decision. He reminds them that “Vox populi, vox Dei” (“the Voice of the people, the voice of God”).

Mr. Rwasa lashes out at the language of the ruling party, saying loudly and clearly that it already has victory in its hands: “If they already have victory why then fight tooth and nail trying to force activists from other political parties to join them?”

Priority to the primary sector

“Our social project covers all sectors, but priority will be given to agriculture, breeding and fishing “. At least 11 million Burundians, he explains, work in this sector. If you have to develop a country, you must start with the citizens. “If you ignore them and raise the salaries of government officials, you wave goodbye to the development.” Thus, Mr. Rwasa plans to revitalize this sector and other trades to increase production.

He warns those who get rich through corruption or do not pay taxes. He denounces the magistrates who practice a double standard against some litigants.

Regarding the road network, he plans to equip each province with a machine for the maintenance and repairing of roads so that trade is fruitful between citizens.
Rwasa plans to build a railroad connecting Burundi and neighboring countries to revitalize and facilitate cross-border trade. According to him, the private sector must also be developed to help reduce the unemployment rate.

In the CNL’s program, the health sector is not left behind. “CNL wants to reform it. We will encourage doctors who have stayed abroad to return by giving them a good salary. ”
Agathon Rwasa has not forgotten to develop the tourism sector, which is potentially a source of jobs. “Tourist places exist, but are not exploited”.

According to the candidate of CNL, this area will be proposed to investors so that it generates more income. He even put forward a proposal to introduce a single visa for tourists.
Diplomacy is also a concern of the CNL. Rwasa said that Burundi is not an island: “We must restore friendly relations with other countries so that Burundi can benefit.”

On this occasion, the ballot papers (for the presidential, legislative and municipal elections) were presented to the crowd. And leaflets detailing the CNL society project were distributed to activists.

Risks of the campaign

While Covid-19 is already present in Burundi, nothing was said about this pandemic in speeches delivered at Muremera stadium on Monday. However, at the entrance, a few hand washing kits were installed as in front of the grandstand. A person was taking the temperature. The stadium is not fenced and can’t be closed. There are many entrances. Social distancing was almost impossible there. This is also the same in the grandstand even if some have bottles of disinfectants. There were scrambles caused by the presence of many people at Muremera stadium.
In addition to the risk of Covid-19 contamination, there is the problem of transporting a very large number of activists in Fuso-type trucks.

Written by Félix Haburuyakira & Rénovat Ndabashinze

Domitien Ndayizeye committed to growing the Burundian economy

On the occasion of the official launch of the electoral campaign on May 27, Domitien Ndayizeye, presidential candidate of Kira-Burundi coalition, said that he would develop the agro-pastoral sector and fight public fund embezzlers.

Domitien Ndayizeye is committed to growing the national economy by developing the agricultural sector.

“When I compare the current Burundi to that of our time and see the conditions in which we live, in my heart I don’t feel peace,” said former Burundi president Domitien Ndayizeye, candidate of the Kira-Burundi coalition in the presidential election to be held within this month.

At the launch of his campaign, he said that Burundians have not honored their promise made in the Arusha agreement to do their best for their country to be developed.

Domitien Ndayizeye announces that Kira-Burundi coalition is committed to developing the national economy. “The agro-pastoral sector has been placed as a priority on the list of programs to be carried out.”With a population of which 80% are farmers and breeders, if nothing is done, the economy can never develop.”

The candidate says that at first, they will use the means that are already available to farmers and breeders. He will do his best to make available to all farmers the chemical fertilizer they will need.

To get there, Domitien Ndayizeye ensures that he will consult with farmers and breeders to see together how the Burundians can increase their crops and have enough land to cultivate.
In addition, he deplores the behavior of some leaders who hide behind their positions to appropriate public lands.

For him, these leaders should give these lands to farmers’ associations so that they can grow crops for export. He encourages the government to take initiatives to build industries capable of locally processing different crops.

Fight against embezzlers of public funds

In his speech, the former president attacked public fund embezzlers. He said that in order for the state to increase its finances, it is first necessary to punish all those who embezzle public funds. For him, the bad example comes from the authorities.

In this perspective, Mr. Ndayizeye indicates that he will fight the corruption that is observed in the various state institutions. “It is really incredible to see a civil servant who receives a salary of BIF 100 thousand, but who leads the life of someone who is paid one million Burundian Francs. Where does he get all this money from? This is what we are going to fight”.

The candidate of the Kira-Burundi coalition announces that he will also fight against scheming observed in the mining sector:

“We are told every time that Burundi is full of gold, nickel and oil in the lake. But we never saw the money we get from all these minerals. Where does all the money earned in sales go? ”
For Domitien Ndayizeye, it is time for Burundians to go beyond their ethnic differences in order to be able to work together for the development of their country. He reassures them that with their “basic contributions”, he will be able to ensure good management and monitoring of all public funds.

Unemployment and wage policy not left aside

The presidential candidate Ndayizeye does not forget the unemployment which strikes in particular the young people and the policy governing the salaries: “In Burundi, we have no problem of wages or lack of work. We don’t know how to exploit the potential at our disposal.”
He announces the creation of jobs for young people and ensures that every young person hired is paid regularly.

Once elected, he promises to review the wage policy: “We will consult with all the workers’ unions to find a solution to this problem.”

Nevertheless, Domitien Ndayizeye says that as long as Burundi continues to underestimate its technical and financial partners as well as its neighboring countries, it will always be difficult to see the national economy grow.

Mr. Ndayizeye urges the Hutu, Tutsi, Twa and the Baganwa ethnic groups to preserve peace and security, as was signed during the Arusha Agreement. He deplores, however, that there are still people who practice political intolerance.

Domitien Ndayizeye recognizes that for any project, there are always opponents. But he warns: “Whoever obstructs these projects will be severely punished.”

Written by Mariette Rigumye

Francis Rohero: “1/10 of the state budget will be reserved for agriculture”

Francis Rohero, independent presidential candidate, launched his electoral campaign on Tuesday, April 28. He plans to improve the health and agriculture sectors.

Launch of the campaign of the independent candidate Francis Rohero, on Tempête ground.

“Every Burundian who has studied must have a job. Stop lying, the positions are available, those who studied are not so many. Let the state stop being selfish. It just needs to increase production and end unemployment.” This is the message read on the banner of candidate Francis Rohero being used in the campaign.

It was in the evening of Tuesday, April 28 that this independent candidate launched his very first campaign at Tempête ground in Bujumbura city.

At 4 p.m., two stands were filled with young men and women, in their thirties. Drivers of bicycle taxis and other young people were standing on either side of the stands.
The word “Iteka” (dignity) was the slogan of the campaign: “Vote for Francis Rohero, vote for your dignity.”

Before starting his speech, Francis Rohero asks the public to stand up and observe a minute of silence to pay tribute to the person who died in the accident during the electoral campaign in Gitega.

He then explains why he did not choose to have his team wear the uniform: “It is not T-shirts or hats that vote, but the heart. If it were the decorated cars or the money that voted, I would not be able to run for office.”

Increase agricultural production, his priority

Francis Rohero plans a budget of 1 billion for each commune to finance the population’s agricultural projects.

Francis Rohero says he will allocate 1/10 of the national budget to agriculture, livestock and the environment as well as 1 billion BIF in each commune to support agricultural projects in order to give value to farmers and thus increase production. He also talks about the free distribution of fertilizers and farming equipment to farmers.

This independent candidate also plans a budget of BIF 40 billion to provide the entire population with easy access to health care. That amount will be used to redress the civil service insurer “which is almost no longer used by civil servants.”
On the education side, he says that the monthly student loan will no longer be repaid but will be increased.

In the environment sector, he plans to make public landfills available to all rural communities so they exploit the garbage from the cities. “The garbage in the capital will no longer be a burden for city dwellers, but an advantage for the rural populations who live on agriculture. “We will have to migrate into the natural soil fertilization system and do away with chemical fertilizers that destroy our environment.”

Mr. Rohero indicates that he will improve the image of the city of Bujumbura. In place of the old central market of Bujumbura, there will be the “central station” for transport to the interior of the country. It will be a worthy station, comparable to the International Airport. It will be the benchmark for the city of Bujumbura, says this candidate.

Show of strength VS “show of heart ”

This presidential candidate also undertakes to do everything to repair all the damaged roads in Bujumbura city during the 7 years in power. He also considers it deplorable that the roads inside the country remain impassable. Not far from here in Mutambu (rural Bujumbura), explains Mr. Rohero, a peasant can no longer transport their banana to the road. However, these are dirt roads that do not require a lot of resources to be repaired. “But why isn’t it done?” Because a lot of money is being wasted in carting and making T-shirts and hats for political parties for a show of force, to show that they have many more activists. We are demonstrating our hearts,” added Francis Rohero, under the applause of the audience.

This candidate calls on those who came to his meeting to love their country by voting for someone who gives the people the value they deserve. “I know everyone here dreams of a visa for Canada. That is to say, you are led by people you don’t want.”
” An authority that does not plan how you are going to get treatment, who does not know how you are going to study … does not deserve to govern this country. Young people, refuse that. Dignity above all!”

Francis Rohero deplores the fact that many young people are unemployed. Even many of you are unemployed. What sin have you committed?
Is it because you don’t know God? Is it because you don’t participate in prayers here and there? ”
He plans the creation of jobs for young people, budgeted up to BIF 5 billion.

Written by Clarisse Shaka


Sahwanya Frodebu: “Human dignity above all”

Melchior Ndadaye’s party started the presidential and legislative campaign on Monday in Bujumbura. A strong point of the program: restoring the Arusha Accord.

If he is elected president, Léonce Ngendakumana says he will revise the new Constitution voted in 2018 to reinstate the Arusha Agreement.

The Sahwanya Frodebu party started its electoral campaign in the afternoon of Monday, April 27 on the football pitch in Kinama neighborhood in the commune of Ntahangwa, north of the economic capital Bujumbura.

Around 2 p.m., the militants were already gathered in the so-called “Terminus” square in Kamenge. They were waiting for the candidate Léonce Ngendakumana, the president of the party and the candidates for the legislative election.

Dressed in green and white t-shirts bearing the photo of their presidential candidate, they marched towards a pitch in Kinama, chanting songs glorifying the party. Drummers, two troupes of traditional dancers, including one of small children, adorned the meeting.

What about the program?

The president of the party, Pierre Claver Nahimana presented to the public the presidential and legislative candidates. He also introduced a new recruit, Festus Ntanyungu, former Minister of the Civil Service and former member of CNDD-FDD party.

Former President Sylvestre Ntibantunganya said that “the 1993 victory legitimized the armed resistance that began after the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye.”

In his speech, the Frodebu candidate, Léonce Ngendakumana, said that he wants the population to recover their dignity: “The rights of the common people above all.” For him, it is necessary to revise the new Constitution voted in 2018 and reinstate the Arusha Agreement. This presidential candidate also wants to make the judiciary independent and strengthen democracy.

As a reminder, the Sahwanya FRODEBU party had won the presidential election of June 1, 1993 at over 60% with the late president Melchior Ndadaye.

Written by Dorine Niyungeko

CDP to support the CNDD-FDD candidate

This Monday, April 27, on the occasion of the launch of the party’s campaign for the legislative elections in Bujumbura city, Anicet Niyonkuru, president of the Council of Patriots-CDP, has called his activists and sympathizers to vote for the candidate Evariste Ndayishimiye of CNDD- FDD party.

Anicet Niyonkuru declares allegiance to the candidate of CNDD-FDD in the presidential election.

At the end of a meeting held in Ngagara neighborhood of Muha commune, the president of the CDP explained the reasons which led him to support the candidate Ndayishimiye. “He reassured me when we returned from abroad that our security would be assured. So far, he has kept his word,” says Anicet Niyonkuru. According to him, “No member of our party has been abused anywhere! Everywhere we went, we had no security concerns.”

For this politician whose presidential candidacy file was rejected by the National Independent Electoral Commission-CENI and the constitutional court, there is no question however that his party is associated with the CNDD-FDD party. “Our support for the candidate Evariste Ndayishimiye is a position of search for stability and reflects a dedication to our country, but we are not a wing of the CNDD-FDD party!”

For the future president, Mr Niyonkuru says “we will advise him to implement some of our ideas in terms of stability and development for our country.”

Within the framework of the legislative elections, the president of CDP party specifies that his party has the lists only in two provinces: Bujumbura city and Bururi. “What CDP intends to do for all of Burundi, we will do them for the people who will vote for us.”

Mr. Niyonkuru assures that a victory in the legislative elections will be a springboard for the subsequent elections : “Until the whole country votes for us for the following elections to be held in 2027, we think that the CDP will have had a fairly broad basis that will allow it to garner enough votes to gain power.”

 Translated into English by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana