Deputy President and Prime Minister take oath

Prosper Bazombanza and General Alain Guillaume Bunyoni respectively Vice President and Prime Minister took oath before President Evariste Ndayishimiye, the Burundian Parliament and Constitutional Court in the swearing-in ceremony in the National Assembly this June 24.

Prosper Bazombanza and Alain Guillaume Bunyoni during the swearing-in ceremony in the National Assembly

After being approved by the parliament on June 23, both executive officials swore to respect Burundi Constitution and Unity Charter as well as to defend the common interests of the country according to Articles 126 and 138 of the amended constitution promulgated in 2018.

“…. I undertake to devote all my energy to defending the higher interests of the nation, ensuring national unity and cohesion of the Burundian people, peace and social justice….” said Bazombanza who started to swear the national language while raising his right hand. He also said he will safeguard the integrity and independence of the Republic of Burundi.
Both executive officials also swore to fight against all ideology and practice of genocide and exclusion. “…I agree to fight all ideology and practice of genocide and exclusion as well as to promote and defend the rights and freedoms of the person and of the citizen,” said Bunyoni while swearing.

MPs of the opposition notably those of CNL party like Agathon Rwasa, party leader and others from the coalition of independents “Amizero y’Abarundi” were absent during the swearing-in ceremony. They didn’t also attend the approval of both executive officials on June 23. Térence Manirambona, CNL party MP said they were informed about the activity as MPs. “There were some gaps in their approval. It would be better if both executive officials were approved by the new elected MPs who are supposed to follow closely their activities in the upcoming legislature,” said Manirambona while explaining their absence in the National Assembly.