Another CNL party office destroyed in Rumonge

The communal office of the National Congress for Freedom (CNL), in Burambi commune of Rumonge province was destroyed on the night of August 21st. The perpetrators of this crime are not yet identified. Police in Rumonge say two suspects have been arrested for investigative reasons.

A destroyed CNL office in Burambi commune of Rumonge province

Sources on the spot say that unidentified people destroyed the communal office of CNL party located in Murago area in Burambi commune of Rumonge province in the south of Burundi on the night of 21 August.

Obède Ntakiyiruta, CNL Executive Secretary in Rumonge province indicates that it is the 5th CNL office vandalized in this province. “Two offices were destroyed, one plastered with human excrement, another burned while party insignia on other offices were scribbled,” says Ntakiyiruta.

This CNL Executive Secretary asks competent authorities to conduct investigations to identify perpetrators of these crimes in order to punish them.

He calls on the population to inform the police if such crimes are committed.
“In spite of that, the destroyed office will be officially opened on Saturday August 24th as planned,” he adds.

Police in Rumonge say that two people from Murago area have been arrested for investigation. At a press conference held on August 21 by CNL spokesman, he said that more than 20 CNL offices have so far been vandalized.