Another CNL party office destroyed in Rumonge

08-23-2019 The communal office of the National Congress for Freedom (CNL), in Burambi commune of Rumonge province was destroyed on the night of August 21st. The perpetrators of this crime are not yet identified. Police in Rumonge say two suspects have been arrested for investigative reasons. Sources on the spot (...)

People stage sit in at Sogea-Satom to demand salary

03-07-2019 Around 70 people have staged a sit-in in front of the enterprise Sogea -Satom Burundi to ask for their salary this Wednesday 6 March 2019. M.N one of the employees, says they have been working for the enterprise Sogea – Satom Burundi but the latter refused to pay them. (...)

Burundi Police seize over 150 taxis in Bujumbura

07-20-2017 The police have seized more than 150 cabs for security reasons since 17 July. Taxi drivers say they do not know why their cars were seized arguing that the Road Traffic Police issued them necessary document to work. They deplore that it is a great loss to spend two (...)

Burundi boosts its explosive disposal and ammunition stock control capacity

06-04-2017 The training seeks to prevent potential devastating incidents in country that is at high risks of accidental explosions, according to the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Until last week Burundi police had only three officers qualified to dispose of explosives. Eleven new officers of the civil protection police received a (...)

Four Burundian provinces lack fire trucks

03-01-2017 The lack of firefighting equipment and trained personnel is the main challenge faced by the Civil Protection Police Unit. Four provinces namely Bubanza, Cankuzo, Mwaro and Bujumbura are not equipped with fire trucks. “Houses, shops and markets were set on fire in Bujumbura as well as in the country (...)

Police claim shared responsibility for illegal objects smuggling into prison

02-28-2017 Illegal items seized in Mpimba central prison have shown that security control is lax. The police say guards and penitentiary administration are to blame. In reaction to evidence of the introduction of prohibited objects and products in the prison, Pierre Nkurikiye, the National Police Spokesman, blames both the guards (...)

Security Minister guarantees safety during festivities

12-26-2016 Public security officials say they have taken necessary measures to make sure residents of capital Bujumbura spend Christmas and New Year parties in security. “Security prevails. All measures have been taken to ensure people celebrate Christmas and New Year festivities in peace”, said Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public (...)

Police search residence of mainly foreign citizens

12-15-2016 The police have searched apartments occupied mainly by Belgian and other European citizens, employees of NGOs, and other international organisations in Kabondo area in the capital Bujumbura. A resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity said only one officer not in police uniform with a search warrant entered (...)

Police uncover migration fraud that swindled victims out of millions

12-07-2016 The police have discovered a serious migration scam that had been defrauding victims of large sums of money in Bujumbura from 2013. A serious migration scam by a fake organisation promising people visas to Australia has been discovered by the police after an alert by victims who came to (...)

Mukike, demonstrations abusively repressed

06-22-2015 Men and women all mixed demonstrated in Mukike commune. They denounced the abusive repression of the police who killed a demonstrator at 29th last May. (...)