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Another Burundian journalist detained

Blaise-Pascal Kararumiye, correspondent of Radio Isanganiro in Karusi province has just spent his first night in the police dungeon of Karusi province. He was taken to the dungeon after being heard by the prosecutor on his story on the management of the funds granted to “Sangwe” cooperatives situated in 150 localities of the province.

Blaise Pascal Kararumiye

Sylvère Ntakarutimana, Director of Radio Isanganiro is surprised to hear that the radio correspondent has been detained due to unfounded accusations. “He didn’t make any mistake. His report respects all journalistic rules”, he says adding that he should not be detained as there are legal ways of dealing with any error that may occur in a story.

The report mainly focused on a meeting organized by the governor of Karusi province requiring the administrative officials not to interfere in the management of “Sangwe” cooperatives. Governor Calinie Mbarushimana stands against the interference of some administrative officials in the management of BIF 10 million granted to “Sangwe” cooperatives.

Radio Isanganiro Director calls for immediate release of his employee. “We hope that he will be released very soon”, he says. He also says the radio station has already contacted the Rights Commission-CNIDH for any intervention.

On 16 January, the European Parliament voted a resolution calling for the release of four Iwacu reporters detained since October 22, 2019. They are accused of “complicity in undermining the internal state security”. A thirteen-year imprisonment sentence was imposed for these journalists and their driver. The verdict will be rendered before the end of this January 2020.