Towards suspension of health assistance card?

During the analysis and approval of two draft bills on childhood and health care as well as services at the National Assembly this January 15, MPs have raised concerns over the importance of using health assistance cards-CAM.

MPs say they are concerned over the use of health assistance card

MP Claude Kwizera wondered how the government agrees to provide health care and services to the population but doesn’t allow that they get consulted in hospitals with health insurance cards.

“CAM holders can only to go to the health centers or health districts. Why aren’t they allowed to go to hospital,” asked MP Kwizera, adding that people with low income should receive treatment on any hospital they go to.

Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Public Health has said the health assistance card is only used in health centers and health districts.

He adds that the government cannot assist all families that paid BIF 3,000 for a CAM. “The country plans to introduce a card for indigent people and a health insurance card which will be different from a CAM,” he says.

Mr. Ndikumana has added that the bill on the health assistance card will be revised for more clarifications. The health assistance card is operational since 2013. According to a Demographic and Health Survey carried out in 2013 on a sample of 8,220 households, the health insurance mechanisms covered only 17.9% of the population. The Health assistance card which is mainly used by farmers covered 23% of the population. The government pays 80% of the treatment fees while the patient pays 20%.