Export of Brarudi products resumes in Rumonge port

After six months of suspension of the export of drinks produced by the Burundian Brewing Company (Brarudi) to DRC, it has resumed in Rumonge port. Burundian and Congolese traders are satisfied but local consumers complain about the scarcity and increase in cost of some drinks.

Brarudi products before being loaded into canoes and boats

Trucks of Brarudi Company arrive one after the other in Rumonge port to pile crates of drinks for export to the various localities of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Amstel and Primus beers are the most exported. Canoes transporting these products have increased, many people conduct various activities in that port and business is flourishing.

“Border transactions have increased while the order is maintained. Merchants having export monopoly work with Brarudi,” said an official of Rumonge port.

The maritime trade and rail authority yield revenue through taxes and other charges levied on boats that dock in this port.

N.A, a foreign currency dealer, welcomes the resumption of the export of these products because commercial activities were sluggish in Rumonge port. Now, the majority of Congolese come to Rumonge to stock up on Brarudi products and bring some goods such as fish, cassava, charcoal and planks.

Amissa Nahayo, a woman running a restaurant in this port, says she is very satisfied with the resumption of the export of Brarudi products as she had closed her restaurant. “Without the export of Brarudi products, commercial activities are slowing down and many people, even the services collecting taxes in this port suffer its consequences,” she insists.

Rumong residents complain

Gaspard Berahino, a resident of Rumonge who likes Amstel beer met at this port, indicates that his favorite beer has become scarce. “Even if the exported products bring foreign currencies to the country, Brarudi must first satisfy local consumers,” says Berahino.
He calls on the Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with Brarudi to properly regulate the trade of these products to meet the local demand.

Georges Gahungu who runs a bar in Rumonge chief town reports a shortage of Amstel beer and soda.

Brarudi products are exported to small centers located on the coast of Lake Tanganyika, in the territory of Fizi in South Kivu, Ubwari, Mbwo, Karoko and Kazimiya and also in Kalemie city.