All passengers from European Union to be quarantined in Burundi

At least 34 passengers from China, South Korea, Italy, France, German, Japan and Iran are kept in quarantine at “Source du Nil” hotel since 6 March. Any visit to “Source du Nil” hotel, is prohibited. Protective masks on the mouths, police officers from Rapid Intervention Mobile Group-GMIR improve security at the entrance and exit of the hotel.

Thaddée Ndikumana: “The decision concerns all passengers from the EU”

Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Public Health says the decision will be extended to all passengers from the European Union. “The decision concerns all passengers from the EU and those who stayed in those countries for 14 days preceding their arrival in Burundi,” says the Minister.

He also recommends hygienic measures to health and public institutions. “Hand washing with soap and chlorinated water is one of the most effective means of prevention,” he says adding that each person entering or leaving a health center or a public service is required to wash his/her hands.

On 12 March, 4,729 people died so far from coronavirus. According to WHO, there are currently 128,973 confirmed cases in 125 countries and territories.