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Ndikumana and son released!

Aline Ndikumana, the spouse of a CNL party secretary in Nyabiraba commune in Bujumbura province and her son are now free after six months of detention.

Aline Ndikumana and her son Junior Nganjiyimana

She was sentenced to two years of imprisonment and a fine of BIF 100 thousand for illegal possession of firearms. Aline Ndikumana, the spouse of Théodore Ndikumana, CNL party secretary in Nyabiraba commune, was released in the evening of March 11. She was imprisoned with her one-year-old son Junior Nganjiyimana.

Jean Claude Mpitarusuma, Ndikumana’s lawyer says he is pleased to hear about her release. “We really appreciate the release of Aline Ndikumana and her son,” he says. He adds that the Court has noticed that there is no tangible evidence to prosecute his client. Lawyer Mpitarusuma says his client Ndikumana may continue to appear freely in justice to shed light on some questions according to the Article 154 of the Code of Legal Procedure.

On 6 March, Aline Ndikumana appeared in Muha Appeal Court. The trial was postponed to 18 March to conduct more investigations in order to know the owner of the plot in which these firearms were found.

Aline Ndikumana was released thanks to the measure taken by the Minister of Justice to free some women detained in Mpimba Central prison following the celebration of the Women’s Day on 8 March.

The mother with her one-year-old son was arrested after a search conducted at her home on September 1, 2019. Four grenades and 30 cartridges wrapped in her daughters’ skirts and husband’s pants were found in a hole in front of a small kitchen.