US Embassy staff gives assistance to victims of floods in Bujumbura

The staff members of the US Embassy in Burundi have collected assistance to the victims of floods in Buterere, Carama and Gatumba neighborhoods in the capital Bujumbura.

Alexis Manirakiza (right) receives the assistance from the US Embassy staff

Alexis Manirakiza (right) receives the assistance from the US Embassy staff

“We have collected clothes, soaps and other non-food assistance to support women, children and men who were left helpless by the recent heavy rain that fell in the Burundian capital Bujumbura,” says Christopher Smith, Public Affairs officer at the USA Embassy in Burundi. He says about 15 packages have been collected and handed over to the Red Cross which will distribute them to victims of floods.

Alexis Manirakiza, spokesperson for the Red Cross in Burundi, says over 30,000 victims of the floods need to be assisted. “We have already assisted about 1000 people and there are many more who still need to be assisted,” says Manirakiza. He says the recent floods caused a lot of damage including houses and fields which were destroyed, people’s belongings which were washed away… “They have neither food nor clothes. They are also homeless,” he says.

Alexis Manirakiza calls upon other organizations to join them and support these vulnerable people. “Many hands make light work. Maybe this would help find a way out of this deplorable situation in which these people are”, he says.

Some organizations such as UNICEF, World Food Program, Million for One, International Organization for Migration, UNHCR, International Committee of the Red Cross and so on. have already handed over assistance to the Red Cross to support the victims.

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