The Global Fund to fight against TB modified

Two projects against tuberculosis in Burundi were financed by the Global fund but it will expire on 31st August, 2013 because of the global economic crisis and PNLT will be supported by TFM the Transitional Finance Mechanism for only the strategic plan-by Lorraine Josiane Manishatse

Thaddé Ndikumana, the PNLT Director.©Iwacu

Thaddé Ndikumana, the PNLT Director.©Iwacu

The Global Fund used every year to launch a call to the project to support well motivated projects. PNLT has benefited from the Global Fund two projects trough what is called Round. Round4, from 2005-2009 and Round7, from 2009-2013. PNLT has postulated for Round 11but Round system was stopped because of the Global economic crisis.

The Global Fund Executive Board has wondered what to do for projects for which funding would expire in 2013.That is the case of PNLT for which funding will expire in August 31st; 2013.But Global Fund Executive Board has putted in place a transitional finance mechanism TFM in order to subside only medicines and laboratories reagents. According to Thaddé Ndikumana, the PNLT Director, the TFM should only cover medicines and reagents because its funding is lower than those offered by Global Fund trough Rounds. He adds that TFM project will start from 1st September, 2013 to 31st August, 2015, it is only for two years.

“With the TFM funding we cannot do anything else except medicines and reagents in order to continue to take care of patients under treatment while tuberculosis is treated and tested free. That project can’t also take over all staff engaged during Round7. Only 13 Provincial Coordinators out of 17 will be supported by TFM project and as far as others are concerned, they will take part thanks to the support of Belgium NGO Action Damien” explains Ndikumana.

Some consequences

For Nduwimana, during the TMF program, there will not be any other activity which is not directly related to the reinforcement of patients care. Activities such as community health agents training will not be considered.
Also the program won’t be able to implement new strategies against TB because of limited financial means.

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