Uncontrolled constructions around Buterer wastewater management center to be destroyed?

The Environment, Interior, Public Security and Public Works ministers conducted a joint visit this September 10, 2018 to see the construction around the Buterere wastewater treatment center. The population around fear the possible destruction of their houses.

Houses built around Buterere wastewater management center

Houses built around Buterere wastewater management center

Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment says the government has set up a commission to study this question. “We have set up a commission of inquiry to thoroughly analyze the neighboring constructions and see if they have followed the construction standards”.

Mr. Rurema says the population and surrounding buildings are not safe. “The waste releases disgusting smells and the area is a flood zone that is not recommended for residence,” he says.
Pascal Barandagiye, Minister of the Interior says there is an urgent need to reset the center’s demarcation to protect people’s lives. “Whether or not they had permission to build, the government has the obligation to protect its citizen. The big question here is to know if the neighboring population can live here without risks”.

Mr Barandagiye says the population around should not worry because all the decisions that will be taken will be in the population’s favor. “People should cooperate with the established commission so as to recover the center’s boundaries”.

A woman who lives in the neighborhood fears that the surrounding buildings may be destroyed at any moment. “Those who have buildings around this center have constructed with the consent of the government. We have official papers. We have not broken any law but our houses may be demolished,” she says.

All the concerned ministries agreed that there is an urgent need to recover Buterere waste management center’s boundaries. The commission was given one week to produce a report about the buildings that are erected around that center.

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