' A house hit by floods in Kiyange area,-Buterere zone

Over 2500 people left homeless due to flood in Buterere zone

05-01-2018 More than 2500 people from Kiyange area, Buterere zone, Ntahangwa commune in Bujumbura were left homeless because of devastating flood which has hit the area since 28 April. The population asks for assistance. “Life has become impossible in this capital. We do not know where to go for help. (...)
' Women who participated as resource in Burundi media represent only 40%

Flood hits northern areas of Bujumbura

03-04-2017 Inhabitants of Carama, Kanga, Kinama and Gatunguru areas in the capital Bujumbura were awoken by flood that invaded their homes in the night of 2 to 3 March 2017. Officials from the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Public Works and the local administration visited the areas to determine (...)

Kamenge Primary School II: Its rehabilitation is urgent

05-22-2014 Kamenge Primary School II was destroyed by the heavy rain of 9-10 February 2014 that caused many damages in Northern area of Bujumbura City Council. The school management asks for an urgent help for the school rehabilitation.-By Yves Didier Irakoze According to Dominique Seseka, Headmaster of Kamenge Primary school (...)
' Children playing inside the compound in Kinama I Site.©Iwacu

Flood victims must go back home

04-09-2014 The second Deputy President has recently announced that victims of the last torrential rain should be prepared to go back home. But the concerned are not ready to start afresh.–Diane Uwimana “No one would like to stay in that miserable life. We want to go back home and try (...)
' Church-destroyed

After the flood, strong winds worsen the situation

03-17-2014 After the natural disaster occurred in the North of Bujumbura on 9 February 2014, some people have been injured and several houses have been damaged by strong winds.-By Diane Uwimana (...)
' An impracticable street because of flood.©Iwacu

Impracticable roads due to flooding

01-13-2014 Some areas from Bujumbura City Council are unsafe and unhealthy to live in because of flooded roads and streets during heavy rain. It prevents free movement of both cars and pedestrians. According to the Director of Town Planning, half of those places will soon be made salubrious.-By Lorraine Josiane (...)
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