Over 2500 people left homeless due to flood in Buterere zone

More than 2500 people from Kiyange area, Buterere zone, Ntahangwa commune in Bujumbura were left homeless because of devastating flood which has hit the area since 28 April. The population asks for assistance.

A house hit by floods in Kiyange area,-Buterere zone

A house hit by floods in Kiyange area,-Buterere zone

“Life has become impossible in this capital. We do not know where to go for help. My house was destroyed following severe floods that have struck the area a couple of days ago. Since Saturday we have spent nights outdoors, “says Mélanie Nkeshimana, a young mother of 4 children met in Kiyange district. She looks hopeless, “Only God knows what will become of us,” she says.

She also says her house was destroyed following the floods caused by the Mutimbuzi River that has overflowed its banks due to heavy rains. By the time Iwacu reporters were on the spot this April 30, the flood was still causing widespread destructions. “I could not save household equipment. The clothes, blankets have all been carried away by the water. I’m afraid my children will get sick since they do not have clothes to protect them from winter cold, “says Nkeshimana adding that “they are starving”.

Joseph Ndikumana, a man whose house was also destroyed, worries about the future of his family. “Since April 28, I no longer do field work since crop fields have been flooded. Even my children are no longer going to school because their school materials have been washed away,”he says calling on good Samaritans to assist them. “We are starving here,” he adds.

According to the report published by the Burundi Red Cross, more than 300 houses have been completely destroyed, over 180 partially destroyed while more than 400 others are under threat.
This international organization reports that more than 2500 people including over 1900 children have been left homeless by the catastrophic floods that hit Kiyange area.

A similar case was reported two weeks ago in Gatumba zone, west of Bujumbura, where over 250 houses were destroyed following heavy rains