Over 460 people died due to heavy rains in 2019

“At least 461 people died, over 700 injured, nearly 11,000 houses destroyed, more than 65,000 ha of fields damaged and more than 14,000 people displaced in 2019 as the result of the heavy rains that fell in Burundi,” said André Ndayambaje, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Public Security, and Disaster Management on the occasion of the celebration of the World Civil Defense Day. He said the torrential rains caused flooding, landslides and road accidents.

Houses destroyed a the result of floods in the north of Bujumbura city

This day that is celebrated on March 1st of each year will be celebrated under the theme “Civil Protection for a Rescuer in each Home.” Ndayambaje explains each household must have one person who should receive training in the basic concepts of first aid. “The ministry will raise awareness about the households’ involvement in providing relief and rescue pending the intervention of professional agents,” he said.

Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security and Disaster Management calls on everyone to contribute to reducing the damage caused by floods. He believes that humans have played an important role in environment degradation. “Everyone must contribute to the protection of the environment by planting trees, drawing contour lines and complying with the environment code,” says Minister Bunyoni.