Rumonge: Flood victims in “Mayengo” site deplore harsh living conditions

About 200 families, victims of floods that hit Muhuta and Bugarama communes of Rumonge southern province in February 2018, still ask for assistance. They say they do not have a shelter and plots to cultivate. Recently, they have been moved from “Cashi” to Mayengo site in Rumonge Commune.

Victims of floods in “Mayengo” Site have been moved from “Cashi” site in February 2018

Victims of floods in “Mayengo” Site have been moved from “Cashi” site in February 2018

They say the situation will go from bad to worse if nothing is done. “We have not received any assistance in the past six months. We only received assistance when we got here for the first time”, says one of the victims adding that they got promises of assistance and dwelling a few months ago in vain.

They live in torn tents due to heavy storm. “We are afraid of dying. The living conditions have worsened”, says another woman adding that they are concerned by the lack of drinking water. “We fetch water at 2 km from the site”, she says.

Moreover, young people are threatened by hunger. “Students sometimes nod off in class because they didn’t eat anything”, says a teacher adding that they really need to be assisted.

The victims of the floods call on the Social Affairs Ministry to assist them. Local administrative officials say they are aware of people’s difficult conditions in “Mayengo” site. “We have submitted several reports and are still waiting for the assistance,” says an administrative official from Kigwena Commune.